Green Crack Sativa strain was originally known as Cush. Immediately Snoop Dogg had a taste of its energetic high, he called it crack. The controversial name lives to date alongside the strain’s unique properties. It is one of those strains whose popularity has made it a staple among many cannabis lovers.

Green Crack is a largely sativa cannabis species plant dominating with an appealing 65%. What is very intriguing about Cush is the Sativa and Indica manifestation in its properties as we shall see. The strain bred in Athens, Georgia has an Afghan landrace cut mixed with skunk #1 as its parents.

Phenotype60% Sativa 40% Indica
THC %22%
CBD %Insignificant Amount
Flowering Time9 Weeks
Difficulty Moderate
Yield18-20 OZ Per 3x3ft
GeneticsAfghani | Thai
Plant SizeTall
Taste & SmellCitrus | Earthy | Fruity | Pine | Sweet
EffectsEnergetic | Euphoric | Happy | Uplifted

With an average 17% THC, Snoop Dogg loved every inch of the strain’s racy high. According to lab reports, the strain does not produce any significant amounts of cannabidiol.

From an outward look, many will tell that Green Crack is an Indica. Its long and compact buds are what we see in many Indicas. The Flowers are drenched in milky white resin that serves any hashish maker just right. The leaves are pale green to yellow in color. Some phenotypes may display purple hues when stressed. Orange-brown pistils complete its major outward highlights.

The effects of Green Crack are what you can expect from a Sativa dominant marijuana strain. Tokes of Green Crack are more mental than physical. You will feel extremely energetic and not couch-locked. The heavy sativa buzz is more durable than with many strains.

Many lovers of this beauty will rather smoke it during the day. The mental effect is perfect for warding off any stress, depression, and fatigue experienced during the day. It is what gets you through the bad days.

How does it taste? Green Crack Sativa gives a tangy-sweet fruity taste. An equally sweet mango aftertaste can be felt in your mouth when you stop puffing. The aroma is citrous, spicy and woody. Sometimes, you may feel earthiness on the exhale.

The formerly Cush strain is comparatively easy to medium when it comes to the ease of growing it. It takes between 8 and 9 weeks before you can start to see the beautiful Indica like flowers. It is not your best yielder when compared to other strains but it does compensate for its potent effects. Expect a medium yield from a Green Crack marijuana plant.

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