What do you get when you breed the tasty Bubblegum weed strain with the real OG Kush? For your information, OG Kush is one of the most famous strains out there known to give couch locking intense effects. Now, take the OG Kush effects and the taste of Bubblegum and put them in one strain. That is a perfect Bubble Kush heavy Indica right there.

The 80% Indica strain boasts of an average 19% THC content which is enough to exhibit a full-blown Indica sedation. About its CBD content, it is too low to offer any active impact when consumed. 


Phenotype 80% Indica
THC % 19%
CBD % Insignificant Amount
Flowering Time 9 Weeks
Difficulty Moderate
Yield 18-20 OZ Per 3x3ft
Genetics OG Kush | Bubblegum
Plant Size Tall
Taste & Smell Sour Berry |Pungent | Piney
Effects Couch Lock & Intense relaxation of both the body and mind

With an average 17% THC, Snoop Dogg loved every inch of the strain’s racy high. According to lab reports, the strain does not produce any significant amounts of cannabidiol.

As you will expect in an Indica inclined bud, broad leaves that are dark olive green in color is what you will find with the Bubble Kush Indica. Amber to reddish pistils may occur in some phenotypes of the strain. The densely packed flowers are covered with sugary white trichomes that make them frosty when fresh. Hashish makers and lovers ,this is one of your perfect strains. The high THC content in the Bubble Kush Indica complimented with its Kush genetics makes this strain’s effects a natural smooth takeover from your usual stoning environment. Expect a couch locking experience with intense relaxation of both the body and mind. Visit for the high THC strains.

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As for the aroma and flavor, it is a solid reference to its Bubblegum parent. As soon as your taste buds get lit, you will not miss the sweet piny flavor that never misses a mix of earthiness. The aroma is heavily pungent and fills your nostrils with sour berry kicks. The strain is good for managing pain, sleeplessness and depression. At such times, you may want to get couch-locked in a natural euphoria as the evening kicks in while watching your favorite team playing.

The Bubble Kush Indica strain gives 8-10 weeks before flowering takes place. It yields slightly higher outdoors than when planted indoors. Normally, you should be harvesting late in September. The best climate for this strain is a mild one. If you have to wait a little longer for all the THC to form properly, be certain to not lose your trichomes. They may start falling off when harvest time is due.


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