Sunday, June 16, 2024
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Who is "The Weed Prof"?

The Weed Prof is a website dedicated in to all things marijuana!

If you want to learn how to grow, smoke, and cook cannabis effectively, you’ve come to the perfect place!

With a PhD in THC and CBD, The Weed Prof is the ONLY source you need to harness 100% of the recerational and medicinal benefits of your cannabis.

From starting up your own grow space at home right through to cooking and smoking your harvest alongside all things stoner-life, there’s no better place for you to earn your own doctorate in dope. 😉

(Please note that The Weed Prof is a fictional entity and no ACTUAL professor with an ACTUAL PhD accreditation exists. Y’know… just in case that desperately needed clarification.)

The Mission

The mission is simple: spread the good word of good weed.

Without rheotric, we seek to provide a space where the science of safe and smart cannabis growing and consumption can be merged with the magic of the culture we all fell in love to begin with.

We ONLY publish good info and we NEVER say you should do anything. Adults are free to make their own damn choices.

Get high, stay happy, smoke safe, and good vibes only. Anything less and may Shiva smite you.

The Content

Broadly, we cover all things weed.

Growing marijuana, smoking and cooking it, stoner culture, safety and science, and all the best gear, accessories, and novelties to do it with.

Our growing guides and gear reviews are GUARANTEED to get you in the game and maxxing out your plants’ yield. Everything else is guaranteed to just give you a good time. 😉

We only deliver evidence-backed info and products we have 100% confidence in recommending. I.e., the only lemons you’ll find in our content are our favorite lemon-flavored strains!

The People

Author Profile Picture of The Weed Prof's Owner, Ziggy Samuels: Content Writer, Digital Marketer, and All-Round Dirtbag

The owner of The Weed Prof, Head of Editorial, and creative force behind all the cannabis cultivating content on offer.

As a life-long smoker and toker, Zigz has sampled bud from around the world and integrated himself into global stoner culture. He is a strong proponent of both recreational and medicinal marijuana’s roles within our lives and pursues public education on its safe and effective usage through the power of puns and dank memes.

Author Profile Picture of The Weed Prof's Writer, Earl Hoffman: Experienced Cannabis Grower and SEO Content Writer

Senior writer at The Weed Prof, Earl Huff-Man (as his friends sometimes lovingly refer to him as) pens insightful articles on marijuana growing, smoking, cooking, and everything else!

As a long-time cannabis home-grower, he has a wealth of experience with different strains, gear, and indoor and outdoor setups alike. Now, he brings all that expertise to you, sleeping soundly at night, safe with the knowledge that he helps homies get high on a regular basis.