If you are a fan of award-winning strains, then you will not go wrong with the Ice Indica cannabis strain. How icy can it be? This is the 1998 winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup. But that’s not the only highlight of this major strain.

The Ice strain is an Indica dominant plant, around 90%. What makes it even popular is its lineage that is made up of the world’s best strains. We are talking about the best of Skunk #1, Northern Lights, Shiva, and Afghani all brought together to fill one strain. The result is a plant that hits it right from all angles.

The THC profile of the Ice strain is 20% high. The cannabinoid thrives without any alteration from a negligible cannabidiol content. This is clearly evident in the strain’s effects.

Why did they call it the Ice strain? Read this. Trichomes are clear glandular projections on cannabis buds. As for the Ice cannabis strain, the trichome appearance may have gone overboard thanks to its lineage of trichome filled parents. The strain ‘s 20% THC is easily explained with a high number of trichomes on its dense buds. It is a perfect fit for anyone looking forward to harvesting resin for kief or hashish.

Its effects stand out from your normal marijuana strain. Expect a euphoric high that will make you see whatever you were not seeing as a creative. With a few puffs, the strain brings about better concentration and focus. Some users find the Ice strain a good appetite stimulant. So if it is your first time with this strain, be certain to have some heavy munches near you.

The strain fills your mouth with a spicy taste that comes with tones of herbs and mint. The frosty looking bud harbors earthy and petrol aroma that is unmistakable. From its effects, smell, and flavor, the Ice strain fits a good daytime smoke perfect for creatives and for pain relief.

Nirvana Seeds is the home of the Ice strain’s breeding. Ice seeds can be nurtured by a novice grower as they have a relatively high tolerance to climate and growing errors. The strain starts flowering early in its vegetative stage but achieves full flowering between 9 and 10 weeks.

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