Blue Dream Hybrid Review

This is a potent cross of Blue Dream, Haze, and Blueberry. It’s suspected to have an origin in Santa Cruz, California. Its THC levels range between 17% and 25%. On the other hand, the CBN and CBD levels are 1% and 2% respectively, making it a better remedy for various ailments. It has a delicious flavor of sugar and blueberry that’s long lasting and it can stay long in the air or tongue for a long period when the smoke has gone. This strain is also awesome for both newcomers and veterans.

The buds are long bushy, and have deep blue hamper hairs. Trichomes are milky white. While it can lift you and make you euphoric, the strain’s effects are short lived. It brings quick relaxation and for the experienced smokers it has lethargic effects and for newcomers if not careful they can have a deep sleep. 


Phenotype Sativa Dominant Hybrid
THC % 17% – 25%
CBD % 2%
Flowering Time 7-9 Weeks
Difficulty Moderate
Yield 18-20 OZ Per 3x3ft
Genetics Haz and Blueberry
Plant Size Tall
Taste & Smell Neutral Pungent | Sugary | Blueberry
Effects Happy | Creative | Euphoric | Chatty


Medical marijuana enthusiasts are hunting for a magic bullet, while there’s no strain that has a 100% effect, Blue Dream is somehow close. It’s incredibly effective when dealing with various body pains such as cramps, inflammation, and headaches. This is the only strain that you can say it has a fully mental unwinding effect. Mental distresses such as depression, stress, and anxiety are scared of Blue Dream. They leave your brain immediately and euphoria takes over. Insomnia is not a big deal; let it not trouble you, just use the strain. 

Are you a farmer and you’re interested in this strain? Blue Dream is a great option for home growers that want to take the game a notch-higher. While it’s easy to plant this strain, some work is needed for a better harvest, especially when buds are getting heavy. For the indoor farmer, your harvest is ready at 7 to 9 weeks while for outdoor farmers late September your harvest is ready. 

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The strain should be used either in the morning or mid-day. Just one or two puffs will open various doors for you. The doors include happiness, euphoric, chatty, mental easiness, focusing, and being coherent when addressing issues. This is the only strain that will allow doing your daily chores normally. This means even after taking it you’re still productive. All you need is the right dosage.

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