A strain whose effects are inspired by its name, that is Jack Herer who was and is still a popular cannabis activist. His work, The Emperor Wears No Clothes is timeless and still lives today. The Jack Herer Sativa strain is a top award winner in several competitions. Many of its users vouch for it as an emergency glass breaker and here is why.

The strain is a descendant of two popular strains in cannabis circles. We are talking about Northern Lights and the mighty Shiva Skunk. These two strains donated two major characteristics to Jack Herer. A nice terpene profile and the power to produce significant resin. The strain is 55% Sativa dominant. This is one of the mid-90’s best creations in the Netherlands This creative lady oozes with a THC  profile that ranges between 15% and 24%.

A true Jack Herer Satia is not the typical strain that you’ll see and crave to get it heated. The buds are densely packed with trichomes protruding on their surface. The pale green, elongated, and round looking foliage is a turn off to many but never for its pungent scent immediately you cut a piece of the flower.

The creativity of Jack Herer (the author) is manifested in the strain. You may be tempted to think that he used to smoke this flower when crafting his work. The effects are a balanced high that unlocks your full potential. A good example is getting out of your comfort zone and mowing the whole lawn like never before. As you get started on this strain, bursts of energy fill your body and mind.

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Jack Herer is your typical day time strain to get you doing what you lacked motivation for. It is a head cleaner that roots out any anxiety, stress, fatigue, and depression. That’s why it is the emergency glass breaker.

Expect a honey aroma with clear tones of pine, and earthiness from the Jack Herer Sativa. You will be getting a lemon-lime soda flavor with some herbal in the background.

The strain performs optimally when grown in an imitated Mediterranean climate. Temperatures of between 72 and 80°F tend to work best. Growers of this strain will have to wait a little bit longer before flowering, which is up to 10 weeks. Harvesting is done around October.

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