The Afghani Kush Indica strain has its roots on the Hindu Kush Mountains that mark the boundary between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The strain is marked as nearly a pure Indica (100%) as it grows in its native homeland. That is why you don’t expect it to have parents.

Afghan Kush Strain Review
Phenotype100% Indica
THC %20%
CBD %Insignificant Amount
Flowering Time9 Weeks
Yield16-21 OZ Per 3x3ft
Plant SizeAverage
Taste & SmellEarthy | Herbal | Pungent | Spicy | Sweet | Woody
EffectsEuphoric | Happy | Hungry | Relaxed | Sleepy

What about its cannabinoid profile? It’s what dictates its benefits and effects. For Afghani Kush Indica weed strain, you will be puffing a minimum of 17% THC. The CBD content is too low and is labeled as insignificant to be active.

Being largely Indica, most of the traits of the Afghani Kush Indica are what you can expect of the cannabis species. Its plants don a short height with broad leaves.

There is a reason why the Afghani Kush Indica is loved along the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. For your information, this is a hashish lovers area. The strain’s massive flowers come filled with the highly potent trichomes. The resin cover is what is extracted to make hashish from kief.

The effects of the Afghani Kush strain are more energizing than calming. If you need a strain to help you relax from a long day’s work and stress, this is the strain for you. You will feel numb and tingly from the powerful puffs. The potency of the THC in this strain is colossal. You will start feeling the effects not long after you light your Afghani Kush Indica joint or bowl.

You may be wondering about its flavors. You will be enjoying the herbal, citrus, and peppery flavors in your mouth that may leave it with cotton wrapped feel. Its smell hits you with sweet hash tones to complement its heavenly aroma.

The strain is a perfect fit for anyone feeling depressed, ridden with anxiety or insomnia. However, many of its users have reported going after heavy munching after a beautiful smoke session. So you can have its appetite enhancing benefits too.

Sensi seeds made the Afghani Kush strain available to everyone for cultivation. The strain has a medium growth difficulty. It has moderate tolerance for growing mistakes. It is a photoperiod flowering cannabis strain with 7-9 weeks of flowering. You are expected to make your harvest around September and October.

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