Sweet ZZ Review

This is the fruitiest strain that you can expect to have serious amounts of THC and potency. Sweet ZZ Indica strain is everything you may need if you are chasing sweet flavors and equally sweet aromas. 

The strain’s parents are all fruity. Yes, we are talking about the Fruity Indica Grape Ape crossed with a piquant Sativa dominant Grapefruit weed strains. The two parents passed all their sweetness to create a smooth sweet ZZ Indica dominant strain at 80%.


Phenotype 80% Indica
THC % 15% – 23%
CBD % Insignificant Amount
Flowering Time 7-9 Weeks
Difficulty Moderate
Yield 18-20 OZ Per 3x3ft
Genetics Grape Ape and Grapefruit
Plant Size Tall
Taste & Smell Sweet-sour | Fruity | Sweet Berry | Funky Grape undertones
Effects High levels of cerebral energy and relaxed euphoria

Sweet ZZ seeds are out of stock – oh no! Luckily, Blueberry is a similar indica-dominant strain with roughly the same growing time and difficulty for MORE yield. Check it out for a similar euphoric and cerebral high! 🙂

Sweet ZZ Indica strain’s cannabinoid profile is a stable one. Expect to achieve not less than 15% THC content if grown well. This can rise as high as 23% when the strain’s seeds are bombarded with the right growing environment and best practices including curing. It has a low CBD profile. Click Here for our High THC Strains.

Even with a quick glance, you will not miss noticing the resin-covered buds that hash lovers crave for. Sweet ZZ flower is a thick chunk that dons lively orange pistils. The densely packed buds flower in lush Indica sized and shaped leaves. The flowers may have purplish hues in some phenotypes.

Now to the most intriguing part of the Sweet ZZ Indica strain which is its sweetness. Immediately you light a joint or bowl made with the strains flowers, an eruption of a sweet fruity flavor hits your taste buds. As if that is not sweet enough, your nostrils get filled with a smooth and sensationally sweet berry-like aroma. The smell is accompanied by funky grape undertones that become a true revelation as you keep puffing.

Sweetness is often associated with a powerful burst of energy. This is reminiscent of the sweet ZZ strain. Its effects offer you high levels of cerebral energy that soothes anxiety, stress, or depression. You may not get a complete couch locking experience with the Sweet ZZ. However, it’s quite balanced and high enough to send you into a relaxed euphoria. You may get a progressive surge in appetite and hunger.

Sweet ZZ Indica dominant strain serves as a good smoke in the late afternoon and early evening times. 

This strain is a high yielder when grown indoors rather than outdoors. Its Indica short height makes it the perfect fit for indoor growing. You will be looking at a 7-9 week flowering period.

Again, Sweet ZZ seeds are out of stock. But for a similar growing and smoking experience, you can try the Blueberry strain.

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