Buyers expect the best high power products when it comes to growing plants. With that, we are proud to introduce the advanced platinum series p900 giving you excellent satisfaction.  The high-tech technology offers you a perfect and easy way of growing your plants. You have the edge of growing younger plants together with the highest possibility of seeing it bloom.

Take a look at the cool features it has for you that assures you have a great purchase of the product.

The Platinum Series P900 Grow Light is no longer available for purchase. However, you could try the much cheaper (and equally awesome) 600W model from Philzon instead. It’s one of the best LED grow lights for under $100!

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Excellent Specs – it uses the latest in LED technology that gives an extra boost in light energy than other products. The ultra-light spectrum is perfect for giving the right nourishment for your plants. It delivers a focusing lens that lets you penetrate deep within the canopy. The growth speed of the plants is fast, and you have a close update to monitor its growth.

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There is also a coiling sink and ventilation fans to prevent the advanced platinum series p900 from overheating. So, you have the assurance of using it for a long period. Therefore, find the specs that will be perfect for your plant’s growth process.

Reliable Coverage

You are sure to find the blooming stage easy with the six by 4 feet and 14 inches that is capable of housing 24 young plants. It gives you an easy operation using the bloom switch that you can adjust if the plants already enter the bloom stage. The intensity of the light also gives a nice and perfect yield to its buds.

With the use of the product’s lens, it gives a good way for light to enter in the canopy. The focusing process turns from each plant until the last plant receives the light. Then, you can use the switch to achieve the blooming effect that is perfect for the plants. Buyers’ love how the process goes and how it acts to give aid to plant’s growth.

Power Efficient

The high-power feature of the advanced platinum series p900 offers you not only assurance of steady growth for the plants but also an excellent power consumption capability. You are free to adjust it in full power and monitor the exact amount of light that enters the canopy. Here, you can use low or full power depending on the season.

During the first stage of planting, you don’t need much light, but you can switch to full power according to what is being asked by the situation. The lens together with the switch is complete enough for the function. Then, it would be up to you to make the light brighter during your next plant growing.

High Versatility

If you have the 1000W output, you should expect success in the growth of your plants. But, you are going to need much space and headroom to guarantee the ventilation is perfect for the plants You might doubt the performance of the product, but you would sure have satisfaction due to its versatility.

For example, if you are planning small or medium scale projects, the product is perfect for making these happen. The features and the functions have a large contribution not only to the growth of the plants but also to the comfort of the user.

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Worthy Value

If you are looking for the right investment of selecting the best products the advanced platinum series p900 doesn’t disappoint in giving it to you.  You have a high-value investment in purchasing due to the cool features and functions you are proud to have.

Furthermore, you expect a good result during the veg and bloom stages of the plants using both the lens and the switch. The easy-to-use functions not only offers satisfaction but a great success in growing your plants.

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  • The full light spectrum is one of its best specs as it to produce better light for the plants.
  • It has a focusing lens that makes it easy for you to adjust the light in the canopy.
  • The veg and bloom switcher offers a sure way of updating the successful growth of plants.
  • It has an excellent customer warranty that would never let you down.


  • The high-end technology of the product is good due to its successful function, but it doesn’t fall to the budget of some customers.
  • It has no daisy chain so you might have difficulty in using it for multiple operations.


The advanced platinum series p900 is one of the best products a customer should have for plant growth. It offers a series of handy features that suit the preference of most users and plant growers. Both the lens and the switches offer a good effect regarding the blooming stages. From here, you enjoy growing and taking care of your plants.

Also, it makes a worthy purchase for your budget due to the affordable price it has. You have satisfaction guarantee in each use of the advanced platinum series p900.

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