Adaptability is very important with regards to med-sized grow lights. It is because it needs to be used in a broad range of conditions involving diverse kinds of plants. With an ample range, efficient lamp design, an advanced LED light absolutely fit the bill. But, the led grow lights have to stay cool and have core efficiency to really qualify as a true example of what LED technology can make. The Advanced Platinum Series 450 is a one of the best LED Grow Light available today.

Who Can Buy or Benefit from this Product?

Basically the Advanced Platinum Series 450 is the best option for indoor cannabis growers. This grow light does a good job of replacing sunlight, so you will be able to grow a plant from strawberries and tomatoes to cannabis. It is among the most heat effective system for indoor plant growers and full range light that will have your plant covered with its every growth stage. It is not just effective in terms of technology, but also efficient in saving you a lot of money from electricity bill.

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Product Description

The Advanced Platinum Series 450 Led Grow Light offers one of the highest watt/lumen output amongst LED grow lights. Thanks to its 150 Bridgelux LEDs rated at three watts each. This also comes with a remarkable 11 band spectrum that is well-matched to other products produced by Advanced Platinum. This essential feature allows this grow light to replace a 600-watt HPS lumen with ease. This also comes with two lenses: one that allows 60° refraction and one for 90° light deviation. This light can provide superb lighting to areas as big as 4.5 inches by 4 inches.

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Product Features

Superb Coverage with Consistent Luminosity

The quality of light this product provides is very high. The supply of light over in the entire covered area is even as well. With this even distribution of light, you buy two P450 grow lights for big areas. Put them about four feet from the middle to obtain superb cross lighting for a bigger grow room setup.

Immense Penetration for Plant Growth Phases

The maker of this grow light claims that the Advanced Platinum Series P450 comes with a better penetration capacity of over 60 centimeters from the peak of the plant cover. This penetration is enough for even the bushes of plants. What is more, this penetration is essential for the flowering stages. Even if it is extremely wise to set up an extra 90w LED UFO light to get flowing yields during the flowering phase.

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Custom-Fit Power Cord

This grow light comes with a hanging wire and power cord. Usually, this will be based on the grower’s area. This makes sure that there’s never any chance of incompatibility between the plug point and the lighting point of the plant.  Even if the converter is on hand for transforming one sort of plug into another, nearly all obtain this at the cost of electrical efficiency. This Advanced Platinum Series P450 LED Grow Light is ideal for a universally relevant grow light solution.


  • Healthy, fast and strong growth of plant: The Advanced Platinum Series P450 Grow Light comes with a twelve-band system that makes it likely for the flowers and veggies to grow healthy and fast.
  • Abundant Coverage: This grow light provides a 5 x 3 feet coverage that is perfect for indoor gardens.
  • Get More Power While Saving a Considerable Amount of Money: This grow light generated 600W of energy while just consuming 250W. Thus, it saves you a lot of money from electric bills.
  • Dual Purpose: Whether for business or domestic use, the Advanced Platinum Series P450 is a smart investment.
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Despite the many benefits this product provides, it also comes with minor drawbacks such as:

  • The price is higher for amateur plant growers. However, it’s well worth the price as it provides exceptional lighting.
  • Even if this growing light is marketedfor 4 x 4-foot rooms, it is better to go with for 3 x 3 foot.


This grow light is perfect for professional and a newbie plant grower. If you have bigger tents then, buying two P450 grow lights is enough to cover the entire area efficiently. It is very efficient, super quiet and bright.

The Advanced Platinum Series P450 is a superb LED grow light. It comes with state of the art features needed to make your veggies and plants grow healthier and faster. What is more, the integrated bloom option allows plant growers to get additional power for growing the flowers.

The twelve band system together with the strong LEDs and 600W intensity will surely make your vegetables and flower strong and beautiful.  This is made by a reliable company and comes with LED chips all made in the USA. The LED chips are of high quality that will last for many years. So, P450 is the best buy.

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