For your Cannabis to thrive, it also needs a comfortable environment. Growing cannabis cannot succeed unless certain conditions are met such as the right levels of humidity and temperature. When it comes to weeds, they particularly enjoy the temperature around 66 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit with humidity between 40 to 70%.

On the other hand, there is a more specific range of temp and humidity to particular periods of growth. It’s important to know the right moisture and temperature to ensure your plants remain happy and that they grow healthy. This is why if you are growing cannabis, you are sure to invest time and money to control the conditions of your grow area if you want to have the best harvest.

Even indoors, you will be able to keep the right balance for the healthy growth of your weeds using the correct tools. On that note, this article gives you the essential information you’ll need in finding the best humidity and temperature controllers when you grow your weeds. This article reviewed a number of products from thermometers to hygrometers, whether for cooling or heating.

Read on and learn more about their features along with a buying guide to help. It doesn’t matter if you are on a budget or have quite a substantial amount of money to invest. Determine what you need and consider the factors to be mentioned in this review. With that information, you are sure to find the right temperature and humidity controller for you.

Essential Tools Used to Measure the Grow Room’s Humidity and Temperature

The thermometer and hygrometer are the two primary tools you’re going to need to be able to control the grow room’s environment. Today, you’ll be able to find all-in-one tools that are both hygrometer and thermometers, so you don’t have to buy them separately. You can get a decent one for a reasonably affordable price. If you are serious about growing cannabis, you should invest in the best one to save from money and stress.

Top 3 Hygro-Thermometers

Here are the top three models of hygro-meters available in the market today.

  1. Extech 445713

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An ideal hygro-thermometer for indoor and outdoor uses, it is created by a reputable name in the field of measuring equipment. Extech 445713 is a handy tool you can use for measuring temperature and humidity and controlling the grow area’s environmental conditions. It features an accuracy of +/- 1.8-degrees Fahrenheit for temperature and +/-5% for humidity.

This hygro-thermometer features a maximum/minimum function, allowing you to determine the differences from your last active measure to the most recent one. To use it, you can just stand it up outside or inside your grow tent, or you  use it on a nail. With a big and clear display, it will be easy for you to check the temperature and humidity of the area even when the light is dim.

  1. Ambient Weather WS-07-C

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The Ambient Weather WS-07-C Thermo-Hygrometer is a wireless tool with 8 channels and display consoles, too. This one is a little inexpensive than Extech, but it’s a complete tool for measuring your own grow tent’s humidity and temperature.

Note, however, that this one doesn’t have a probe for checking the soil. But you can use it to check the condition of the grow tent’s air flow. Using this tool, you will be able to control better and adjust the environmental conditions to ensure your weeds to thrive.

  1. Bjerg Instruments 8” Copper Thermometer

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Bjerg Instruments’ 8” Copper Finish Thermometer is classic and straightforward. It is old school and ideally displayed by hanging on your grow tent’s interior wall. Not only is it functional, it even serves as a decoration in your grow area.

This tool is perfect if you are growing only a few plants. Even better, it’s incredibly cheap compared to other hygro-thermometers such as Extech products. However, this one is just a thermometer, so you’re still going to need a tool to measure your grow tent’s humidity.

These are the top hybrid thermometer and hygrometer you can use for measuring environmental conditions in your grow room. Now that it is covered, it’s time for you to learn some of the basic info that will help to adjust those environmental conditions better.

What Are the Best Conditions for Growing Cannabis?

You are the one in control of the weather inside your grow room. Creating the best environmental conditions for healthy plants to grow is all in your hands. In order to do that, there are a few things you need to know. Mainly, you need to remember the best conditions for growing cannabis in terms of temperature and humidity. On that note, here are some guidelines to help you.

What is the Ideal Temperature for Cannabis to Grow?

The ideal temperature for growing cannabis is between the range of 68 and 77-degrees Fahrenheit. For healthy weeds, you must also take note that the temperature difference between daytime and nighttime temperature or when lights are on or off does not exceed 18-degrees F.  Following this ideal temperature range is essential to keep your cannabis comfortable.

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When it becomes too hot, that is when temp reaches 80-degrees F and above, the growth of the weeds accelerates. If it speeds up, you will have to increase the fertilizing and watering. Instead of the focus being on growing large buds, the buds stretch.  During vegetation stage, set the temperature at the high end of the range then drop it to the low end once you’re in flowering and harvest stage.

  • Seedling – 66 to 77 degrees F or 20 to 25 degrees C
  • Vegetative – 71 to 81 degrees F or 22 to 88 degrees C
  • Flowering – 68 to 78 degrees F or 20 to 26 degrees C
  • Harvest – 64 to 75 degrees F or 18 to 24 degrees C

What is the Ideal Humidity for Cannabis to Grow?

In terms of humidity levels, the best range is in between 40 to 70%. If it’s lower or higher, your cannabis plant may suffer some issues. You have to take note, however, that the precise level of humidity varies depending on the growth stage. For instance, the sprouting stage likes to have more humidity. Following that, here are some notes about the range of humidity level based on the growth stage.

  • Sprouting Stage – During the stage when seeds sprout and seedlings start to grow roots, give your plants around 65 to 70% humidity.
  • Vegetation Stage – During the stage when leaves grow, slowly decrease the humidity every week by 5% until the flowering stage.
  • Flowering Stage – At this stage, retain the humidity levels at about 40 to 50%.
  • Harvest Stage – At around one or two weeks before harvesting, you can reduce the humidity level more at around 30 to 40%.

There are several reasons why you need to reduce the plant’s humidity levels at each stage. For one, high humidity during the flowering will get your weeds moldy, and you don’t want that. Another reason is if the humidity is around 40% during flowering, there is the risk of dehydration. It means the plants are going to need more water and nutrients or they can go dormant.

Controlling the Humidity and Temperature in a Grow Room

In effectively controlling the temperature and humidity in a grow room, you need to first take a good at it. What do you have – a room, tent or closet? Is a climate-controlled area or a place more exposed to elements? Is it well ventilated or not? Controlling the environmental conditions applies more to a climate-controlled area such as a bedroom, closet or tent.

If you are using any of them, it must be fairly sealed off, so you have better control of its environmental conditions. If you are using high-pressure sodium lamps or HPS, you may already have an extractor or tent fan setup. The HPS is great, but it can cause much heat and electricity. If your structure is like this, you will have to be careful in controlling the temperature of the grow area to keep it cool.

Instead of HPS, it is a better option to use LED lights. With this, you won’t be wasting a lot of power. At the same time, there is less heat you need to expel. Following that, you may need to set up a thermostat during the winter to warm your grow room. To avoid accidentally roasting your weed, make sure to set your heater with your shutoff temperature.

Types of Thermometers

Thermometers are vital for growing cannabis to help maintain the required temperature for your plants to thrive. There are specific ranges of temperature ideal for different stages of growth to ensure you have a good yield. You need just the right tool to adequately control the temperature of your climate-controlled grow tent, cabinet or room. Here are the four different types of thermometers you can use:

  • Mechanical
  • Infrared
  • Mercury
  • Digital

Types of Hygrometer

The humidity level of your growing area’s environment dramatically affects the health of your cannabis plants. For that reason, it is imperative that you always check your grow area’s humidity levels. That makes it handy to have a portable hygrometer. You can choose from three different types of hygrometers, which include:

  • Mechanical
  • Digital
  • Card Indicators

Types of Hygro-Thermometer

Hygro-thermometer, also known as thermo-hygrometer, is a device capable of measuring both temperature and humidity. You can use it to read the growing area’s current temperature and humidity level simultaneously. It’s more convenient than using a separate thermometer and hygrometer. You can choose from two types of hygro-thermometers:

  • Mechanical
  • Digital

Grow Room Heaters

To help restore the proper temperature of your cold grow rooms, here are the two different types of heaters you can use to raise the temperature.

  1. Holmes HFH436WGL-UM Digital Bathroom Heater

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A heat fan with built-in pre-heat timer and thermostat, Holmes HFH436WGL-UM is a really the ideal choice. It’s easy and straightforward to use as you can just hang it on the wall of your grow tent. Moreover, it is designed to be used in the bathroom, so it works well no matter the humidity level. One thing some growers might not like is it only has one setting.

You can only set it at full blast so make not to point it directly at your cannabis plants. Since the Holmes Digital Bathroom Heater is cheap, the lack of more features can be expected. Besides the heater fan, you can also use a heating mat to increase the temperature for your marijuana plants. A heating mat merely is an electric blanket to use over your weeds.

  1. Apollo Horticulture Heat Mat

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The Apollo Horticulture seedling heat mat comes in 10”x20” size and is ideal for cloning and propagation. It helps to increase the grow room’s temperature at about 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This temp helps you cannabis seedlings to grow strong roots. This particular heating mat is also waterproof.

Grow Room Fans and Cooling Device

If you leave in a tropical place, cold weather in your area could hit around 65 degrees Fahrenheit at nighttime. In that case, it’s crucial that you have a cooling fan or air conditioner ready. You’re going to need one to keep the temperature balanced for your weeds. If you haven’t an AC or grow room fan yet, here are some of the top choices.

  1. Honeywell Air Circulator Fan

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Fans are great to use if you don’t have a ventilation system. With this, you can still cool down your room if you have a high temperature. This Honeywell fan helps to circulate the air in your grow room. One feature that makes it an excellent choice is its quiet operation. Also, you can just hang it on the wall and choose between three-speed options.

  1. Frigidaire Window-Mounted Mini-Compact AC

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This 5000 BTU 115V min-compact air conditioner is created by Frigidaire to run off your house’s current. A window-mounted AC, it helps to cool and dehumidify the air around a grow room of up to 150 square feet. In using this AC, you can control the bacteria and smell in any room by merely washing the air filter. Another incredible feature of this AC is how you can direct the airflow the way you want.

Grow Tent Humidifiers

It is a huge challenge to grow weeds if you live in the desert. It’s all because of the daily humidity that is probably too low. During the seedling season, weeds want to have about 65% humidity and at least 30% before the time to harvest. Achieving this humidity level can be hard in desert places such as Las Vegas. That’s when a good old humidifier can be useful.

It helps to raise your plants’ moisture levels by spritzing them with water. You can also use an open container placed around your grow tent. Doing these things, however, might not be enough to reach enough humidity. That being the case, it is excellent if you can get a good humidifier that you can run on a timer. Note that there are different humidifiers you can use to control the conditions in your tent.

  1. Holmes HWM6008-NUM

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This is Holmes Warm Mist Humidifier, which you can use for broad applicability. You can use it in an ordinary home and of course, in your grow tent. It isn’t a fancy humidifier, and it lacks ostentatious features. However, it offers antimicrobial protection, can hold up to 1.7 gallons of water, and capable of running up to 24 hours using a single tank.

  1. Holmes HM1865-NU

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The Holmes Cool Mist Humidifier is a fancier version with a digital control panel and other features. It’s quite a useful product to use for growing marijuana indoors. This humidifier can run up to 48 hours using a single tank, which means fewer instances to fill. Additionally, it comes with four settings to adjust humidity effectively as well as an automatic shutoff, plus a timer.

Grow Room Dehumidifiers

If you live in a humid place, that is where it always rains, achieving the right humidity levels is hard. Growing cannabis in this environment will continuously result to mold and mildew as well as a number of other growth problems. The fact is adult cannabis will thrive with humidity levels at around 40% when they are nearing harvest, which is hard to achieve in a humid area.

Say you’re home is in a hot place and you want to decrease the humidity in your grow room, one way to do that is using an air conditioner. But if you don’t have an AC, you are going to need an upgrade to a ventilation system. If not, you can get a dehumidifier instead. Take note that simple fan won’t help to dehumidify your grow tent.

  1. DampRid FG50T

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DampRid FG50T is an ideal dehumidifier if your grow area is that of a small tent. It offers the most inexpensive way you can control the humidity levels in your grow area.  It is simple to use and effective enough in reducing the moisture levels. When using this device, make sure that you always check the hygro-thermometer.

  1. Ivation GDM20

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One of the good things about Ivation Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier is it works soundlessly. To dehumidify small rooms, it condenses water in the air then drains them into a transparent cup located at the bottom of the device. The dehumidifier automatically shuts off when the container is full and stops working until you empty the container. This makes Ivation GDM20 a cost-effective solution to your problem.

  1. Frigidaire FAD504DWD

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This Frigidaire 50-Pint dehumidifier is one of the best products of the brand. It’s great that you can use it continuously merely by running a hose to the drain. It’s the perfect dehumidifier to use if you have a rather large cannabis setup. It’s great to use in damp places such as basement so you can still achieve the correct humidity levels.


Use this guide to find the best temperature and humidity tools that will help you ensure the healthy growth of your cannabis plants.

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