It is a difficult task to grow cannabis indoors, mainly if you don’t have the right materials. Keeping the temperature and the amount of light to the correct specific levels is usually near impossible. But having the best grow tent can help make the job a little easier.

Grow tents provide a wide array of benefits that make growing plants indoors possible.  One of the most significant benefits it offers is the added space. Therefore, grow tents are extremely handy if you are living in an apartment or small house.

Besides the added space, the grow tent’s enclosure provides a right way for you to keep the cannabis’ strong odor from permeating through your home. If you need to move out of your rented place, the grow tent makes it easy to take it with you.

The best grow tent is one that offers everything you need so your plants will thrive. Fortunately, modern grow tents today provide incredible features that can significantly help you when growing cannabis. They have features capable of adjusting humidity, light, and head depending on what your plants need.

Top 10 Best Grow Tent Reviews

ModelSpecifications Price
VivoSun Hydroponic Mylar
48"x24"x60" Check Price
iPower Hydroponic Water-Resistant Tent
60"x60"x80" Check Price
Apollo Horticulture Mylar
48”x48”x80”Check Price
Gorilla GGT59 Tent
83 x 108 x 60Check Price
Cool Grows Mylar Hydroponic with Viewing Window
24"x 24" x 48" Check Price
Best Choice Products Reflective Tent
32" X 32" X 63" Check Price
VIPARSPECTRA Reflective 600D Mylar
48"x24"x60" Check Price
Amagabeli Hydroponic
48"x48"x80" Check Price
Topolite Full Range Tent
24"x24"x48" Check Price
32"X32"X63" Check Price

However, it’s also a fact that not all grow tents are the same. On that note, this article review helps your search for the best grow tent. Read this review and find out more information about grow tents and the available ten best options in the market right now.

Most Popular Brands of Grow Tents

The market offers a wide range of grow tent brands. The brands on this list provide high-quality products available in different sizes, types, and distinct features. They offer to grow tents ranging from 2’x2’ to that of the size of a small garden.

Read about the top brands of grow tents below and learn what makes them popular in the field of cannabis growing.

  • VivoSun

VivoSun is a favorite brand that makes grow tents and everything about the indoor plantation. This means you can turn to this brand for whatever you need for your indoor plantation. Some of the things the brand offer besides grow tents include grow lights, grow tent and a number of other appliances.

This particular brand is on par with other top brands when it comes to quality. Just like others, VivoSun offers grow tents of various sizes, quality of fabric, frame strength, along with other features. Additionally, the price is also around the same as other top brands.

  • Apollo

Apollo is one of the best brands of grow tents in terms of features, strength, and durability. The brand is at far with other top brands but not quite expensive. Similar models from different brands have almost double the price compared to Apollo’s grow tents.

Besides the price, there are features that make Apollo grow tents quite popular. This includes the unique diamond reflective interior of Apollo grow tents. This interior can retain both heat and light. While their grow tents’ flame strength isn’t sturdy, adding a number of lights to the tent are possible.

  • Gorilla

A top brand for grow tent, Gorilla features unique and extremely durable grow tents. Compared to other brands, it is a bit expensive. However, the price is worth the superiority of their grow tents’ quality and features. The durability of Gorilla grow tents makes them a one-time investment.

That means for a long time; you really won’t have to buy another for your cannabis plants. Besides being extra strong, their grow tents features height adjustability. It’s ideal for plants that grow so tall. Since the tents are sturdy, it’s okay to use them by hanging on lights or appliances.

Top 10 Best Grow Tent in the Market

This article lists the top and most popular grow tent options available in the market today. Read below and see which one suits your need.

  1. VivoSun Hydroponic Mylar Grow Tent

Check Price on Amazon

If it’s high-quality, durable grow tent you’re looking for, VivoSun Mylar is another great option. More than that, it’s quite strong compared to your average tent not to mention it has excellent features adding to its convenience.

VivoSun made its Mylar grow tent to be extremely durable by using super thick, tear-proof 600D plastic. More than that, it features a reflective material designed so that light and heat doesn’t leak out. For secure hanging, the grow tent features hangings bars for any accessories you need.

Some of the features of VivoSun Mylar that makes it a popular choice are its SBS zippers, an observation window, and D-shaped doors. Designed to be extremely easy to install even without the use of tools, the grow tent also has removable floor tray, ventilation socks, and even an inner tool bag.

  1. iPower Hydroponic Water-Resistant Grow Tent

Check Price on Amazon

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The main feature of the iPower grow tent is its vast size. This makes it perfect for when you want to raise plenty of cannabis. Using this grow tent will give you more than enough space in your home. It’s also water-resistant with easy to clean removable floor tray.

In terms of material, iPower Hydroponic has everything you need – thick, reflective, and double-stitched with heavyweight zippers. It’s quite famous for being able to create all the required conditions so your plant will thrive.

Among its incredible abilities including being able to repel pests and keep the temperature at the correct level. The metal pole and frame of the tent can easily handle 100 lbs. It’s an incredibly durable grow tent capable of lasting for years.

Other features you will enjoy with this particular tent include the interior with diamond-shaped reflective walling, rear access door featuring snap hooks, and adjustable vent doors. To improve vapor control and moisture, this iPower grow tent also has numerous intake and exhaust ports to use.

  1. Apollo Horticulture Mylar Grow Tent

Check Price on Amazon

This Apollo Horticulture tent is the best value grow tent if you need a budget option. Its size ranges in 48”x24”x60” for only a tad price. Apollo grow tents are made of high-quality material that’s highly durable not to mention it includes the best LED lights for growing.

This particular grow tent also includes a number of other accessories, such as bubble hash bags, inline fans, air pumps, and heating mats. The size of Apollo Horticulture is just perfect if you want a higher yield, which evidently needs more space. For the grow tent’s outer layer, it’s black with light absorbing quality.

For the inner layer, it uses a highly reflective material also known to be heat-proof and tear-proof. Heat and light escape only limitedly from the tent thanks to its multiple entry points, which have different sized openings. For easy installation of the inline fan ventilation system, the grow tent includes circular holes. Sturdy and easy to set up, you can place it in your room’s corner.

  1. Gorilla GGT59 Tent

Check Price on Amazon

One of the top brands, Gorilla GGT59 Tent is one of the best among their best models. Their tents’ most significant advantage is the strong construction. If you maintain correctly, it is sure to last for a long time. The grow tent is extremely sturdy thanks to its metal interlocking.

With an adjustable height, you will be able to use it to grow a wide array of plants. To give your plants maximum heat and light, it utilizes diamond reflection technology. GGT59 is highly recommended if you’re a serious grower as its features are perfect for heavy use.

Super durable and long-lasting, it is enormous and capable enough to handle around 300 lbs. of weight. This gives the grow tent with enough capacity for hanging plenty of accessories, electrical appliances, and fixtures you might need for your cannabis plants.

  1. Cool Grows Mylar Hydroponic with Viewing Window

Check Price on Amazon

A light proof and durable growing tent, it is available in a wide array of sizes. It’s capable of blocking all light thanks to the 99% reflective Mylar interior lining. It has a sturdy body made of metal bars and connectors with a connector system that’s easy to use.

It uses 600D material stitched to ensure you will have a tight and fully sealed unit when it’s closed. As the unit is tightly sealed, you will be able to see inside the tent using the viewing window. The window is great because it can also amplify the energy store of the tent.

More than that, this Mylar growing tent is easy to put together and to clean up. This is thanks to the water-resistant and removable Mylar spill tray.  Also included in the product is an instructional pamphlet to use for your convenience.

  1. Best Choice Products Reflective Grow Tent Mylar Hydroponics

Check Price on Amazon

Known for its high-quality grow tents, the Best Choice Products provide grow tents perfect for beginners. Not only are their products easy to use, but they’re also quite affordable. More importantly, their grow tents have high-quality features as well.

Their grow tents use 600D polyester, which is resistant to both rips and heat. The interior uses reflective Mylar, and its doors are relatively huge. The doors’ size lets you work on your plants easily, but you’ll also have to be careful about heat and light.

In addition, it has a tray made of PVC, is water-resistant, as well as removable. All these features make the Best Choice Products grow tents to be a good option for large size cultivating. The tents don’t include warranty, but it has enough great features.

  1. VIPARSPECTRA Reflective 600D Mylar

Check Price on Amazon

Featuring a 100% reflective waterproof and tear-proof Mylar, VIPARSPECTRA is one of the top grow tents for indoor gardens today. It comes with reliable light protection thanks to its double stitching and heavy-duty zippers.

To make it easy for you to clean the tent, it has a removable Mylar floor included with the product. Furthermore, its design offers a quick tool-free installation that you can pull together yourself even without a manual.

A high-quality product perfect to use for horticulture, it offers you ultimate control over your plant’s conditions. Its key features include an intuitive design, durable and stable body, light and water-proof, and broad applicability.

  1. Amagabeli Hydroponic 4×4 Indoor Gardening Tent

Check Price on Amazon

This is an indoor gardening tent perfect for use in an apartment or small house. Sized 48”x48”x80”, it serves as a nice enclosure to give your cannabis plants enough humidity, light, and temperature. Amagabeli’s tent is also light proof, with an interior lining made of 98% reflective Mylar.

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Additional features that add to the tent’s light proof capacity are the 600D tear-proof double stitch and circular openings that has double drawstrings. These help to prevent light from escaping and ensure to give your plants a light-tight seal.

The grow tent’s ventilation is also incredible being circular double sleeved capable of handling cables and other tools for air circulation. It allows the proper seed germination of your plants by giving them adequate light, air, and heat. Best of all, the Amagabeli grow tent is easy to assemble.

  1. Topolite Full Range Multiple Sized Grow Tent

Check Price on Amazon

This is a 24”x24”x48” indoor hydroponic tent with features meant to make growing cannabis an easier feat to do inside your home. Topolite’s indoor tent features rectangle vents that include a mesh designed for better filter output and improved ventilation.

Other features of the tent that makes it popular are its reflective capability and convenience. The tent comes with a diamond Mylar, which is 96% reflective and waterproof. As mentioned before, the tent is convenient for use for its quick, tool-free installation design.

Even without the need for an instruction manual, you can easily put this tent together. More than the easy set-up, it’s hugely in-demand for its high-quality, zero leaks design. Overall, Topolite’s full range grow tent is an excellent product with intuitive design.

  1. ECO-WORTHY Mylar

Check Price on Amazon

The ECO-WORTHY Mylar grows tent features heavy-duty 210D fabric. Its excellent lightproof exterior material enhances the product’s interior’s highly reflective, light, and waterproof protection.

Includes with the grow tent is a removable Mylar floor, which also has nylon straps.  With its durable stitching and zipper, along with 2 top poles, ECO-WORTHY Mylar is perfectly suitable for 400W – 1000W grow lights, even with bigger T5 lights.

Setting up and storing this grow tent is particularly easy.  With its high-density meshes and rectangular vent screen, increasing the airflow is easy. You can also effectively prevent insects from flying into the tent.

Things to Look for in Buying the Best Grow Tent

It’s great to have so many options as it means you will surely find something suitable for your particular needs. However, having so many choices also makes it confusing and difficult to pick. The more the varieties, the more you feel baffled over the one you need and the one you want.

This is why it is essential to be clear on what you are looking for right from the start. Making a checklist before you go shopping would greatly help. Knowing what to look for makes it easy to compare and determine the top-rated grow tent that matches your particular needs and preferences.

  • Material

The kind of material is one of the top factors to consider when shopping for grow tents. The best material for grow tents is the double-stitched. This one is able to keep heat and light inside the tent, which will ensure your plants to thrive. At the same time, it helps you save your energy bill.

Another is to ensure that you choose a material with a high-quality and durable zipper. It’s great to pick the grow tents with Diamond Quality Reflective material so you can save more light. As for the fabric, check to see if it has any gaping.

If you plan to put the tent in the corner of the room, you want to pick one that doesn’t have doors on different sides. Furthermore, choose the grow tent with excellent ventilation like numerous exhaust and cord points. This is important for keeping sure your plants have a pleasant temperature.

  • Pole and Frame Strength

In terms of frame and strength of the pole, it should be based on how many lights and electrical appliances you plan to install inside the tent. Choose the grow tents that are super strong if you want to make plenty of customization. Affordable options are available as well if you only plan to hang some lights.

You wouldn’t want a tent that suddenly collapses on you, right? You don’t want that to happen and destroy all the weeds you’re growing. That being the case, it’s incredibly important to choose the grow tent with sturdy poles that don’t snap right away.

  • Accessories and Other Features

There are also other features you might want to look into depending on the space available and your needs. Some of the essential elements to look for include toll pockets, electric ports, viewing windows, etc. A removable tray is also a great feature you’d want for easy cleaning of your grow tent.

While not must-haves, extra features are useful to have for the convenience of using your tent. The additional features of the tent you choose could make the difference between the best and average indoor growing product. If you find a product with standard features and one or two extra for the same price, don’t miss it.


In this article, you’ve learned about the best options for indoor grow tents available in the market today. Whatever your unique needs are, the list above gives you a wide range of options. The list above gives you an excellent choice of grow tents that helps you save money and more open access to plants.

If you want premium quality grow tents with the super durable material, the list covers them too. Best of all, you can find the best grow tents to the value of your money in this review article. Think about what you need and choose the right product accordingly.

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