Once CBD became legal in the US, many companies started producing fun and exciting products. One company, Savage CBD, is making a name for itself in the CBD industry with its award-winning CBD merchandise. Extracted from hemp, CBD is renowned for its health benefits without giving consumers the “high” that’s comes with THC.

People use CBD for many health reasons, such as chronic pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, and depression. Other benefits of CBD oil include helping ease the discomfort of withdrawal symptoms, reducing seizures, and enhancing appetite. Savage CBD makes a product targeting many of those issues.

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SavageCBD Review


From the vape products to their CBD pet sprays and treats, Savage CBD is all about adding wellness to your lifestyle. If you’re still on the fence about their products, we’ve got you covered. We’ll review the pros and cons of Savage CBD and why people are raving about its products.

Pros: What We Love About Savage CBD

There are more pros than cons in our Savage CBD review—probably because the brand truly lives up to the standards it began with, and Savage works hard to separate itself from other companies.

  • Top-notch quality control: Savage CBD takes every precaution to ensure that you’re only getting the purest CBD products. That means extensive testing for impurities with every batch. Savage derives its CBD naturally through a CO2 extraction method. The company is quite open about its results and regularly updates its website and blog about its quality control methods.
  • Lab results available on the website: All Savage CBD products are lab tested, and the results are accessible online. Its transparency regarding what goes into the products—from CBD isolate to vapes—is one of a kind. Tested batches come with a certificate of analysis, listing the pesticide, heavy metal, and solvent content. This aspect is the best “pro” in the review because many companies don’t have the same level of accountability.
  • Fantastic reputation: Savage CBD enjoys a stellar reputation with sellers and direct customers. It won brand of the year by TPE 2020 and was ranked #4 by Austin Chronicle for top CBD companies. It is also a featured brand by Buzzfeed, and the company enjoys a 5-star rating by real customers on its website.
  • Product variety: Although everything contains CBD, Savage offers a wide range of products based on your consumption preference. For example, there are many fun and delicious flavors to choose from if you’re more into vaping.  If you’re more into edibles, Savage CBD offers those as well, in addition to several others like tinctures, pens, and topicals.

Cons: What Needs Improvement

The only con of our Savage CBD review is that they have a stringent return policy. You can only return the products unopened to receive a refund. Despite this, however, the 5-star reviews attest to the satisfaction of their clients. This policy is the only drawback as the quality of the merchandise is above-par and is sure to satisfy the pickiest customers.

Savage CBD Oil Review

Savage CBD oil is rich in flavorful terpenes and made for several of its products like:

They come in different flavors that are mostly fruit-leaning to complement the terpene notes found in the oil. The oil’s taste is not evident due to a skilled team of specialists that make sure the flavors are complementary and delicious. Examples include strawberry and citrus, watermelon, mango, pineapple, berry mint, candy, and mango.

Savage CBD Vape Review



The CBD vape liquid varieties are among the company’s top sellers. They are beautifully packaged and have exciting, delicious flavor pairings that don’t leave you with a harsh cough. The CBD vape juice is for different moods and needs. For example, the Driven CBD vape flavor gives a burst of energy, while Serene and Tranquil calm and soothe. With flavor infusions like watermelon, pink candy, and dragon fruit, you’ll get the results of CBD paired with excellent flavor.

Other Savage CBD Products

Other than oils and vape liquid, Savage CBD also offers different products for people who prefer not to consume CBD through vapes. You’ll find topical products such as:

Drinks and edibles: Savage CBD has drinks and edibles that are both creative and work for people who don’t opt for traditional consumption methods. The drinks and edibles are delicious, and serve different roles, like boosting energy levels, de-stressing, and pain relief.

  • CBD flowers: Some of the company’s products come in flower form that you can grind and then consume through combustion. Different strains and flavors are available.
  • Pre-roll: When you’re on the go, Savage CBD’s pre-roll products are perfect for a quick and tranquil break.
  • Gels: This product comes in a soft gel form for easy swallowing. You won’t have to worry about the taste, and you get all the benefits of full-spectrum CBD in a compact pill.
  • Creams, balms, and CBD-infused Epsom salts: The high-quality CBD-infused topicals are perfect if you’re not into consuming CBD directly. Each product serves a different purpose, and bundle options are available.


Our Verdict

If you’re not sure what to start with, you can purchase a bundle of Savage’s products with a little of everything so you can try them out. You can also choose the product depending on your symptoms, and there is a review bar for each product by customers to help you decide.

All in all, we highly recommend Savage CBD products for the price vs. the value you get. Their quality, diversity of merchandise, and dedication to offering only the purest hemp CBD is hard to beat. Since they are affordable and ship quickly, your experience is smooth from start to finish.

Disclaimer: The CBD merchandise in this review is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illnesses. The merchandise is legal, but the statements and claims on the company website have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

Attention! Some of the links present in this article may be affiliate links. This means that if you make a purchase through the link, we might generate a small commission (at no extra cost to you!). Additionally, as an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made through the links. All of this revenue goes back into The Weed Prof and the mission of supporting the therapeutic use of cannabis products for smokers and tokers everywhere. Thank you for all your support! :)))

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savage-cbd-reviewAll in all, we highly recommend Savage CBD products for the price vs. the value you get. Their quality, diversity of merchandise, and dedication to offering only the purest hemp CBD is hard to beat. Since they are affordable and ship quickly, your experience is smooth from start to finish.


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