AdvancedLED is a business that has been providing a wide array of products to customers in many years now. Throughout all those years, they provided their customers with state-of-the-art products that use advanced technology developed within their very own research center. In this article, you will be introduced to one of their popular products, the Diamond Series XML 350.

The Diamond XML 350 is a grow light designed to be the 600W HPS Light’s replacement. It’s an ideal grow light you can use for all phases of plant growth. It’s a popular grow light for providing high output but is low in consumption. Thus, it can bring out the best of out of your plants. Brought to you by an A+ rated company, it means you can benefit from quality products and excellent service.

The Diamond Series XML 350 Grow Light is no longer available for purchase. However, you could try the much cheaper (and more highly rated) 600W model from Philzon instead. It’s one of the best LED grow lights for under $100!

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Product Features

The AdvancedLED Diamond Series XML 350 uses a new 10W CREE chips that are combined with Bridgelux 144 3W white and red LED grow lights chip. This combination of two chips allows XML 350 to give your plants the best lighting. Out of the many grow light LED chips available, the 10W CREE chips are the largest ever.

The Diamond XML 350 grow lights also feature 11 wavelengths of light. This range of wavelengths is essential for plants’ different phases of growth as it helps them flourish. In addition to the 11 wavelengths, this grow light also has three dimmer switches for the different growth stages – cover seed, veg, and blood stages.

Diamond XML 350 features a 90-degree collimator lens, one that enables the accurate directing of light underneath the canopy. Another of the features of this grow light is the honey-comb fan that works together with a dual aluminum cooking sink that helps in reducing heat output. With the use of a daisy chain for connecting the panels, Diamond XML 350 helps you get better lighting for your projects.

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Light Efficiency

The Diamond XML 350 is an exceptionally advanced Led grow light with state-of-the-art features, including the 10W and 3W CREE chip LEDs. These chips provide this grow light the superb efficiency in producing the most output but least consumption of electricity. In XML 350, the biggest LEDs provide 20% of the light output, which the 144 3W CREE LEDs support.

While the grow light pull 33W maximum from your outlet, this grow light can put out the same PAR light as that of an ordinary 600W HPS lamp. With that, you can benefit from better light output but not worry about your electricity bill. Another benefit of XML 350 involves the white and blue LEDs that give a complete saturation of PAR light to your plants to help it flourish and thrive.

Light Coverage

In terms of coverage, the Diamond XML 350 states it can cover 4.5 x 4.5-foot area. However, it is difficult to provide an exact measurement of the coverage as factors are affecting it. These factors include the number of plants you want to grow, the strains, sizes, the stages of growth, as well as the provided conditions.

For the seed and veg phase, XML 350 covers the stated 4.5 x 4.5 foot recommended coverage, which means around 18 plants. The intensity of the light reduces the coverage. However, XML 350 has an advantage as increasing the intensity only reduces the coverage by 2 square feet. This means you can ideally grow around 16 plants in a 4 x 4-foot space using this grow light.

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  • It uses light with adjustable and 11-band spectrum range.
  • Its lenses are capable of removing wasted light at the edges of the grow bed.
  • It uses the latest CREE LED tech that has both 10W and 3W lights.
  • XML 350 provides a high output but low consumption thus saving your energy bills.
  • It uses daisy chain for easy linking of panels together with help from its built-in power sockets.
  • XML 350 comes with a 3-year warranty as well as 90-day free risk trial period.


  • XML 350 uses 10W CREEs, which has an intensity that can burn plants at low heights.
  • Many buyers consider not buying XML 350, especially those unaware of its amazing benefits, because of its high

Final Thoughts

AdvancedLED is known for their products that the company always backs with extensive research. This makes their products understandably a little expensive, which is one of the disadvantages of XML 350. However, it is worth to note that with AdvancedLED Diamond XML 350 you get a product with high-class quality and the latest technologies.

With the Diamond XML 350, you can take advantage of a highly efficient and versatile grow light that has advanced features you cannot find in most grow lights on the market. Using it, you don’t have to worry about needing extra ventilation, and you can plug it right into the wall without any hassle. This is a product that is highly recommended if you want your plants to have solid support in all growth phases.

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