Are you looking for something delightful, novel, and bizarre to present as a holiday gift for a lovable stoner you know? This guide has all which can help you pick up the perfect dank item – which can range from an edible-making machine to display-worthy vaping pipe and smokable floral arrangements.

We have a famous song by Bob Marley, “Legalize it and I will advertise it.” We’re not going to talk about the legalization efforts of cannabis, but what we can’t ignore is that stoners are ubiquitous. And we also know that weed is now legal for recreational use and medical reasons in 23+ states. To sum it up, stoners are coming and you should have your best stoner gifts ready! We can’t say that bongs can be a perfect gift for a stoner, because chances are, they probably already have them. But we have included some fabulously awesome bongs available and top weed vaporizers. In this guide, we have listed 15 iconic stoner gifts that don’t need re-upping and are worthy of their tastes. These items are going to be high on their list soon, we have added all pocket-friendly stoner accessories for you to look no further for any other stoner gift guide. Let’s check out the freaky list of gifts to make your stoner friend blown to the fullest.

Top 15 Gifts on Amazon for Stoners

Editor’s Pick
Blazing Canna Weed Grinder
Cool Knight Electric Grinder

Features:  Neodymium Magnet, Sharp Cutting Teeth, Stainless Steel Mesh

Benefits: Kief/Pollen Scraper Included, Easy to use and clean

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Top Rated
Magical Butter Machine
Magical Butter Machine

Features: Grinds, Heats, Stirs & Steeps Infusions, 40 Ounce Container

Benefits: Magical Cookbook, Easy to use, Easy to clean, 1 Year Warranty

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Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers Shine 24K Gold Rolling Papers

Handcrafted 24K Gold Rolling Paper, Made with Hemp blend base

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FIREDOG Smell Proof Stash Bag FIREDOG Smell Proof Stash Bag

Smell Proof with premium activated carbon, Combination Lock, Easy to carry

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Best Value
Sky High Dream 11 Peice Stash Box
Sky High Dream 11 Piece Stash Box

Includes Lock, Airtight Jar, Double-Ended Pick, Storage Tube, Grinder, Tray, Lighter Holder, Hemp Wick, Tobacco Storage

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Zippo Brushed Chrome Leaf Lighter Zippo Brushed Chrome Leaf Lighter

Genuine Zippo windproof lighter, Metal Construction

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Marijuana Leaf 3D LED Table Lamp Marijuana Leaf 3D LED Table Lamp

3D Illusion, Touch controls to change light colors, USB Powered; also could be supplied by batteries

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Herb Guard - Stash Jar and Smell Proof Container Herb Guard – Stash Jar and Smell Proof Container

 Keeps herbs fresh for Months, Smell Proof Airtight Seal Locks, High Quality and Durable Glass Jar, Discreet Jar and Box Design

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Ganja Land Board Game Ganja Land Board Game

Who Will Be The Royal Highness of Ganjaland? Marijuana theme board game for high vibes and to explore a magical world of fun

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RAW Bamboo Magnetitc Foldable Tray RAW Bamboo Magnetic Foldable Tray

Large Triple Flip Magnetic Bamboo Rolling Tray with Integrated Ashtray, Locking Magnetic System with Eight Different Configurations. 

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Cannabolish Smoke Odor Eliminating Candle Cannabolish Smoke Odor Eliminating Candle

Removes Smoke Odors, Natural Ingredients, Free from Paraffin, sulfates and parabens

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RAW Cones - Natural Pre Rolling Paper with Tips RAW Cones – Natural Pre-Rolling Paper with Tips

50 Pre Rolled with Tips, 100% Original RAW, Slow Burn, Unbleached fibers.

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Cards Against Humanity: Green Box Cards Against Humanity: Green Box

The box contains 300 brand-new cards to be a part of your already existing deck of cards against humanity. 

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Unisex Marijuana Leaf Socks Unisex Marijuana Leaf Socks

These socks have the softest and durable fabric and the quality is guaranteed with a money-back warranty

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Elephant Gold Pre-Rolled Papers Elephant Gold Pre-Rolled Papers

A luxurious yet pocket-friendly gift! These European-style rolling papers are loved for their slow-burning feature and incredible thinness

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Best Gifts for Stoners

Blazing Canna Weed Grinder


This is an electric herb grinder with a large capacity and a stainless steel blade. It comes with a pollen catcher and is designed to make the grinding process quick and effortless. The device can be charged via USB and has an automatic shut-off feature to prevent overheating. This herb grinder is an excellent choice for those who want a hassle-free way of grinding their herbs without having to put in any manual effort. The large capacity and pollen catcher make it convenient for those who grind frequently, and the stainless steel blade ensures durability and longevity.


  • 2.5 inch herb grinder with large capacity
  • Powerful electric motor
  • Made with high-quality stainless steel blades
  • Clear see-through lid to monitor the grinding process
  • Magnetic lid to prevent accidental spillage
  • Pollen catcher to collect fine particles
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Saves time and effort compared to manual grinding
  • Can grind larger quantities of herbs at once
  • Provides a consistent grind for smoother smoking experience
  • Durable and made to last with high-quality materials
  • The clear lid allows users to monitor the grinding process and achieve the desired texture
  • The magnetic lid prevents accidental spillage of herbs
  • The pollen catcher collects fine particles that can be used later for more potent smoking or cooking experiences
  • Easy to clean and maintain, ensuring the grinder lasts a long time and provides consistent results.


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Magical Butter Machine


If you think your friend will love the idea to cook and bake with cannabis-infused oil or butter, this can be an unforgettable gift for him/her. This magic butter machine is beating the other entire cannabis makers available in the local market. People call it a magic butter machine for being an all-in-one cannabis oil extractor. This machine can produce cannabis-infused tinctures, oils, and butter in a relatively smaller time (as little as 2 hours). Cutting it short, it can heat your herbs and infuse them with the CBD and THC that the user needs for his/her high to make his favorite marijuana recipes like pot brownies and many more. A user can use canna-butter or oil with the help of this magical butter machine instead of margarine, or regular oil/butter. It can be ideal for a stoner who loves pot brownies or cannabis-infused butter, oil, or tinctures.

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Shine 24K Gold Rolling Paper


If you want to present something luxurious for your friend, pick the Shine 24k Gold rolling papers. These papers are becoming the center of attention in the cannabis industry for being the number#1 24 karat cannabis rolling papers on the market. They are manufactured to be high-end equally in terms of smoking quality and appearance. It can be the best stoner gift for 3 reasons; first is; it provides the best smoking experience because the papers are made with top-quality standards. The second is; they look amazing when a user holds a joint rolled with a deluxe rolling paper, and that’s why probably 90% of smokers love to have Shine papers. Last but not the least; they are available in various sizes. So, if you plan to make your buddy the envy of all weed lovers, present him the classy Shine 24k gold rolling papers.

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Firedog Smell Proof Stash Bag


This smell-proof bag is an effective accessory to keep your stash safe on a trip. It contains all the best features to be considered gross for being smell-proof with a detachable loop and durable design, which makes it easy to clip on other items or throw it in a big travel bag/backpack. Those who want a budget-friendly option will appreciate its price and the minimalist logo on it make it easy to miss and improbable to cause queries from group fellow or fellow travelers. It can be a nice gift for your stoner buddy to keep his valuables safe and secure and use the different compartments to keep and store separate items in the pouch.

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Sky High Dream11 Pieces Stash Box


If you plan to present something to a stoner that is beautiful and useful from the inside out, then nothing can beat Sky High Dream11 piece stash box. This smell-proof pouch contains a UV-plated glass stash jar, Zinc alloy grinder, double-ended pick, stainless steel tray, smell-proof storage tube, pocket-sized silicone wax jar, bat alloy cigarette holder, hemp lighter holder, and sealed zip lock bag. In short a great small kit. The stash box comes with foam for padding and can hold stash jars and small accessories. The grinder grinds extremely well and the kief catcher is superb with a smooth bottom surface. You won’t regret your purchase, not even for a single second.

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Zippo Marijuana Leaf Lighter


This classy and stylish Zippo lighter is loved for its look. It features a marijuana leaf engraved on it. It comes in a gift box packing. It is waterproof and provides a consistent flame. It is designed with Classy matte chrome and etched-style (several options to choose from). Stoners and longtime Zippo lovers admire these lighters’ unique “click”. You can pick from several voguish options with swish finishes, like a more engraved appearance or a matter chrome look. You have to order the lighter fuel separately which you can easily buy online. This lighter is available with a lifetime guarantee from the company that “it works or we fix it without any extra charges”.

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Marijuana Leaf 3D LED Table Lamp


 This night light optical adds beauty and fantasy to your room making it more interesting. Users love it for it is touch-sensitive and you can control and change the colors with a gentle tap on the power button. This lead lamp showcases two modes: changing color/steady on. This lamp beautifully creates a romantic atmosphere that can be really helpful for sound sleep and relief from stress. It comes with a USB cable so the user can charge it even with a power bank or you could also use batteries in it. This led light is a combo of technology and beauty and can perfectly create an optical 3D illusion. It can be a perfect stoner gift and meet all your expectations.

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Herb Guard Smell Proof Stash Jar


We know that a weed container is an important accessory for every stoner to keep herbs and cannabis fresh for months. This Herb Guard smell-proof stash jar perfectly preserves ideal humidity levels and delivers maximum flavor. The best thing about this stash jar is its smell-proof design. It is manufactured with UD-resistive glass and can store up to 1 ounce at once. It keeps the herbs and weed fresh because of its supreme humidity pack and UltraViolet glass protection. Users can store spices, coffee, herbs, and cannabis-infused stuff in it and can keep them fresh for months. This smell-proof container locks all the smells and scents because of its airtight lid. One more benefit is; you can claim a refund if the jar you receive is broken or damaged. It is made of strong and durable glass, so buy without fear!

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Ganja Land Board Game


Are you hunting for an innovative and high-quality board game? Ganja Land Board Game is breaking all records! The game is loved for showcasing an epic adventure. This game is developed on the theme “a trip to ganja land” a land of friendship and fun with ganja. Board games are fun to have a get-together with friends where they can eat marijuana brownies or cannabis-infused edibles and bust out games. Stoners love laughing and competing with all of their friends in no time. These board games can be an ideal time pass and to get to know each other better. Ganja land is an intoxicating game that makes the player buyer and seller of dangerous weed. 4-6 players are needed to play the game. As a crazy dealer, you can make luck or watch it go up in smoke.

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RAW Bamboo Magnetic Foldable Tray


Since the days of breaking up weed and rolling a joint with your hands on the thighs are history now, a bamboo magnet rolling foldable tray can be a perfect present for stoners. Bamboo magnet rolling foldable tray is the boss of all rolling trays. This classic, sustainable bamboo box is designed with a unique earth magnetic system showcasing eight combination configurations and unfolds many sections to organize your joint rolling material. It includes a built-in ashtray in its design and an ESD scoop card, and obviously the slug of being the most organized stoner in the world.

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Cannabolish Odor Eliminating Candle


It can be challenging to buy the best odor eliminating candle when you have never bought it before. It can be an ideal gift for a cannabis smoker who feels bothered because of the remaining smell of weed. This smoke odor eliminating candle works as the killer of unpleasant odor. Cannabis candle not only covers the smell of weed and cannabis but also improves the environment with its light yet dominant scent. The box includes a candle and a glass mason jar with a handle and metal lid that is made in the USA and is reusable. This candle has a long-lasting fragrance that is available in 12 scents that lasts up to 90 hours. The candle can be a sweet & adorable gift for a stoner to brighten the mood of his room and office.

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Raw Cones Classic Pre-rolled Rolling Paper

RAW Cones Pre Rolled Papers

Raw is a well-reputed brand that is making rolling papers for years now. They had already introduced different forms of other papers before presenting these RAW rolling papers. These raw cones can be bought in different sizes and they also come unrefined and unbleached. Normally rolling papers that are white are chlorine whitened. These raw rolling papers are brown which shows that they are 100% organic and pure. Stoners call them the cream of the crop because for a rolling paper they are too good to be true. They are unbleached natural and made from 100% pure hemp fibers. These thin papers will never cause any damage to your lungs or lungs. The Crisscross watermark by Raw on these rolling papers confirms the authenticity of these chlorine-free rolling papers.

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Cards Against Humanity: Green box


If you are planning to present something unique yet inexpensive, Cards against Humanity can be the best choice. The game includes cards and is pretty much fun for all the players. The box contains 300 brand-new cards to be a part of your already existing deck of cards against humanity. These cards are being considered the best and biggest expansion till now, making stoners’ life worth living again. Blue and red boxes are not needed, while highly recommended. This box contains the cards that were a part of the fourth, fifth, and sixth expansion. This box permits you to eat anything you want without adding more lbs to your weight.

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Unisex Marijuana Socks


5 pairs of Unisex Marijuana weed leaf boat sox can be an ideal gift for a stoner. These socks have the softest and durable fabric and the quality is guaranteed with a money-back warranty. The socks have 10% polyester and 80% cotton, they have great flexibility and are totally sweat-free. It’s a great value pack of 5 socks suitable for both men and women. The pack contains 5 pairs of socks in different colors offering versatility to suit the wearer’s preferences to match with their sneakers according to their clothing. The vivid-leaf printing on the socks makes them attractive for all cannabis lovers. You’d be happy and satisfied with the quality of a product.

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Elephant Black and Gold Pre-rolled Cones


A luxurious yet pocket-friendly gift! These European-style rolling papers are loved for their slow-burning feature and incredible thinness. Edible plant-based oils are used to color them with their natural pigments. These cones have passed the category 3 test while they were used in commercial pre-roll creation. These rolling papers are eco-friendly and for only couple of dollars you will buy a value pack of 8 pre-rolled cones. These cones are made from natural palm pulp rolling papers so they are directly linked to the husk of the palm fruit. They look great to show off on social media and for Instagram photos. 4 cones are nested inside of the 4 cones and from the outside, it looks like there are 4 cones but in reality, they are 8.

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