Indoor grow rooms have many advantages, but it has some drawbacks as well. You don’t want your house to smell like a hotbox all the time. An odor-neutralizer or air purifier will not completely get rid of the smell. A carbon filter is the best option as it provides an air extraction solution that eliminates the odor and prevents it from being stuck somewhere in the house. When the carbon is treated with oxygen, it will have a porous surface. Air will pass through the carbon filter, but undesirable odors will bind to the carbon. The filters have to be replaced, but you’re assured that it will last for a long time.

Top 5 Grow Room Carbon Filters for 2018

VIVOSUN 6" Air Carbon Filter6 in x 18 in5Check Price on Amazon
TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter6 in x 16 in4.9Check Price on Amazon
Phresh 4" x 12" Carbon Filter 4 in x 12 in4.9Check Price on Amazon
iPower 4" Air Carbon Filter4 in x 12 in4.8Check Price on Amazon
AMagabeli 4" Carbon Filter4 in x 7 in4.9Check Price on Amazon
    1. TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter

TerraBloom-Premium-Carbon-Filter-6-x-16The TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter is available in different lengths. This means that you can find the one that suits your needs. It features an RC-48 charcoal carbon from West Australia. The machine packed bed is 46 mm thick, making it an excellent carbon filter for weeds. The TerraBloom Premium Carbon Filter comes with two pre-filters that are machine washable and a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. The carbon filter is durable as it’s made from high-quality materials. It can get rid of all types of odor.

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    1. VIVOSUN 6″ Air Carbon Filter

VIVOSUN-6-Inch-Air-Carbon-Filter-Odor-ControlThe VIVOSUN 6″ Air Carbon Filter features a high quality Australian virgin charcoal bed. The filter’s outer and inner mesh layers allow air to flow easily and freely. The VIVOSUN 6″ Air Carbon Filter comes with a replaceable Velcro pre-filter and carbon filter belts. It has a simple, but durable construction. Since fifty-three percent of the surface area is open, the filter guarantees better airflow. The filter can remove any kind of smell near or in the grow room. You don’t    need to worry about any pungent smell coming out. The VIVOSUN 6″ Air Carbon Filter works as an exhaust and intake filter

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    1. Phresh 4″ x 12″ Carbon Filter

Phresh-Filter-4-in-x-12-in-200-CFMIf you don’t have any budget constraint, the Phresh Carbon Filter is the best option for you. It features an RC-48 carbon bed that is 46mm thick. The filter has a riveted flange that can’t be removed. It comes in sealed packaging. Since the filter is available in different sizes, you can find one that fits your needs and budget. The Phresh Carbon Filter uses nano carbon technology to guarantee maximum absorption.

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    1. iPower 4″ Air Carbon Filter

iPower-4-Inch-Air-Carbon-Filter-Odor-ControlThe iPower 4″ Air Carbon Filter contains the 1050+ IAV RC412 activated carbon, the world’s most porous carbon. It has a 200 CFM airflow rate. This filter is durable. You only need to replace the pre-filter every six months. Since the thickness of the carbon layer is 50 mm, you can expect an excellent performance from this filter.

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  1. Magabeli 4″ Carbon Filter

Amagabeli-4-inch-Carbon-Filter-Odor-ControlThe Magabeli carbon filter is an ideal option for those who are growing weeds in a hydroponic system. It provides over ninety-nine percent air flow and can work with 4″ inline fans, exhaust fans, duct fans, ventilation ducts and paint fumes hose. Since it has a good air flow rate, its inner and outer aluminum mesh provides extensive open surface area. It features a 1050+ IAV virgin charcoal bed and reversible filtration. As such, you can use it for exhaust and intake filtration.

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How Carbon Filters Help

Carbon filters are large, durable tubes that contain a lot of carbon. It can be connected to the exhaust fan to force the extracted air from the grow room to pass through the carbon filter. A granular carbon filer is enough for a small room. A block filter is ideal for more massive operations. Check the fan’s cubic feet per minute or CFM to know what filter you should get. Make sure that the fan can handle the filter. Get a filter with a lower CFM value than the fan. A filter with the same CFM value as the fan is also a good option.

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It is also essential that you set up everything correctly. Failure to do so increases the risk of possible air leak. Make sure that all the air that is being pulled from the room is going through the filter. The best way to do this is to integrate the filter in the exhaust system. You can place it after or before the exhaust fan. The air will either be pushed or pulled through the filter and neutralize all odors. The best way is to put the carbon filter as the air’s first passage. The fan must be the last component. You also need to make sure that everything is properly sealed.

How to Maximize the Carbon Filter

Air should only enter the exhaust system through the carbon filter, and it should go straight outside. The exhaust fan must be strong enough to produce a vacuum in the grow space. This way, the pungent odor is vented out of the room so quickly that the vacuum prevents any air from leaking into the room. If there is good suction, you will not smell anything outside the room.

Once there’s suction in the room, and you are directing foul air outside, you need to scrub odors out of that air before it escapes the house and this is where a carbon filter can help. If there are leaks around the grow light or in the ducting, the smelly odor can leave that way instead of going through the filter first. Air is scrubbed of smells as it is pulled in through the sides of the filter. That air has no smell when it’s vented outside.


When appropriately installed as part of your exhaust system, a carbon filter will prevent the odor of weed from leaking outside. It will not change the smell of your weed. When purchasing a carbon filter, you have to consider the size of the grow tent. Different sizes have different prices. The right carbon filter will keep the odor of the grow room is neutral and prevent the strong smell of weed from traveling outdoors quickly.

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