Recycler bongs, also known as recyclers, are not made from recycled materials, but they are named as such due to their unique function. Unlike traditional bongs where the water stays in the base or percolator. In a recycler bong, the water travels from the base into a second chamber near the mouthpiece. As the vapor is released from the water, it falls back down into the base to be “recycled” for the next hit. This process happens quickly, resulting in no significant lag time.


Benefits of Recyclers

Many people purchase recyclers for their unique and cool design, while others enjoy the smooth and fresh hits they provide. The scientific design of the recycler filters, cools, and preserves each hit, resulting in high-quality weed smoking sessions. The vapor travels with the water until the last possible second, ensuring that it does not go stale before inhalation. Additionally, most recyclers come equipped with a splashguard to prevent accidental swallowing of bong water.

Recycler Designs

Recyclers also come in designs that include built-in percolators for extra smoothness. Typically, the more filtration, the more a user is able to pull in with each hit. Due to their ability to prevent flavor loss and maximize filtration, many users prefer recyclers as dabbing rigs for their concentrates. Those looking to use recyclers for dabbing should look for a recycler with a removable bowl that can be switched out for a complimentary nail, or mini rig recyclers that are small enough for travel.

There are three main designs of recyclers: the External Recycler, the Internal Recycler (Incycler), and the Klein Recycler.

The External Recycler is the most common design, with the bottom and top chambers sitting one above the other and linked by an arm.

The Internal Recycler on the other hand, keeps everything internal, resembling an inverted coke bottle inside the main chamber.

The Klein Recycler is similar to the Incycler, but the drain tube loops outside of the body of the pipe instead of the up-tube like on regular recyclers.


In conclusion, despite being more expensive than some cheaper designs, recyclers are quickly becoming a favorite among regular users due to their quality filtration, coolness, and flavor preservation.

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