The cannabis market has gained so much popularity these days. While there are still several states in the U.S. that are yet to legalize the use of cannabis, laws have already changed so that many people can now grow cannabis at home legally. Growing cannabis, has, in fact, become a huge business over the years.

Cannabis is grown for both medicinal purposes and recreational use. People have even found different ways of using and enjoying it. It is smoked, cooked into foods, used in a vaporizer or taken as a tincture. So, with its benefits, more and more people than ever are becoming interested in growing their own cannabis at home.

Proper care is vital if you want to grow cannabis effectively. Just like any other plants in the farm or in your garden, it is extremely important that you grow it the right way to produce the best results. You need to use the best cannabis nutrients and fertilizers to ensure perfect results from your grow.

If you are growing for the first time, remember that the use of the wrong marijuana plant fertilizer, food or any additive can affect its effectiveness, the taste of your cannabis and how well it smokes. Therefore, you have to make sure that you use the right nutrients to achieve your desired results.

TOP 5 Nutrients & Fertilizers for Growing Marijuana


TOP PICKAdvanced Nutrients Hobbyist Bundle

Features: Available in various sizes. Balance your ph automatically

Benefits: Improved weight, density and quality

Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient

Features: Grow larger, thicker and even greener cannabis. Trio formula

Benefits: Amazing results

General Organics Go Box

Features: Premium-quality plant. Unique formula

Benefits: Contains organic nutrients

Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow and Liquid Bloom 8oz

Features: Affordable. Complete nutritional plan

Benefits: Very easy to use

Best SellerBotanicare CNS17 Bloom

Features: Perfect blend of 17 minerals. Very cost-efficient

Benefits: Contains high levels of potassium of phosphorus


Finding the Best Nutrients to Grow Cannabis

When you go to the market, you will find that there are many options available. You might get overwhelmed with these options, leaving you more confused than enlightened about the best products for effective plant growth. You will also realize that many of those products available promise amazing results, but, in reality, there’s only a few of them that is able to meet your needs.

For this reason, this guide is created for you. The primary purpose of this post is to present to you some of the best and top-rated nutrients and fertilizers to grow cannabis. Each of them has unique features and characteristics, so it is up to you which product you think would best suit your budget and requirements.

If you don’t know where to start, here are the top nutrients used by many professional marijuana growers today.

  • Advanced Nutrients Hobbyist Bundle – Top-of-the-line Nutrients for Healthy and Efficient Grow


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This is one of the best fertilizers and the most highly recommended product for growing any  kind of cannabis. Advanced Nutrients product is made of high-quality, nutritional ingredients suitable to your marijuana plant. Whether you are a novice or an advanced grower, your plant will turn out healthy and effective after you use this product.

Product Highlights

The Advanced Nutrient products are available in various sizes. The bundle consists of everything you will need to sustain the plant at every growth state. It includes the Voodoo Juice, B52, Overdrive and Big Bud. Each of these nutrients is provided to help your marijuana plant grows efficiently.

The voodoo juice isn’t a fertilizer. It is a blend of laboratory-bred bacteria that helps improve the plant’s health. Big bud is made for improved density, weight and quality in fruits and flowers. B-52 is essential to prevent the negative effects of environmental stresses to the plant and the Overdrive is necessary to obtain maximum blossom girth and fruit swell. By feeling your marijuana plant with these nutrients, you will notice significant difference in your cannabis.

  • Fox Farm FX14049 Liquid Nutrient – Cost-efficient Marijuana Nutrients for every Grower

The Fox Farm trio formula is another product line to use for growing your cannabis. It is a unique solution product you use with every growth phase of the plants.

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Product Highlights

If you are looking to grow larger, thicker and even greener cannabis plants, then these are the ideal nutrients you should consider. By using this trio formula, your cannabis buds will become denser over time. Unlike other cannabis growing nutrients, you can still benefit from this even when you use this during the later phase of the plant growth. According to cannabis growers who have used this formula, they’ve had amazing results with Fox Farm products. One of its advantages is that it is more affordable than other products for growing marijuana plant.

For a start, you can use the Grow Big nutrient to achieve abundant green growth. When you see the first sign of flowering or bed set, switch to Tiger Bloom. Then, use Big Bloom during the whole growing cycles to increase nutrients. This formula is ideal even to mature cannabis plants.

  • General Organics Go Box – Quality Organic Nutrients for your Weed

General Organics provides growers with a comprehensive line of premium-quality plant supplements and foods. By combining time-tested and effective ingredients of traditional agriculture, General Organics is able to provide gardener with a way to grow healthy and efficient cannabis.

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Product Highlights

Go Box is unique formula ideal for hydroponic cannabis gardens and soil gardening. With efficient and sustainable modern cultivation methods, manufacturers are able to develop this incredible cannabis nutrient so your plants will continue to thrive. It contains organic nutrients formulated from natural minerals and botanical extracts. The Go Box started pack consists of 16oz BioThrive Grow & Bloom fertilizers, as well as 8oz sample bottles of every General Organics liquid supplement. The kit is a great assortment of one of the most reliable lines of organic plant foot in the market.

  • Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow and Liquid Bloom 8oz – Low-cost Flowering Marijuana Fertilizer

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Belongs to the list is the Dyna-Gro Liquid, an affordable yet affective fertilizer to grow your weed. It contains a perfect blend of essential macro and micro nutrients for effective cannabis growing at every stage.

Product Highlights

Dyna-Gro Liquid is a general purpose nutrient solution that contains all six macronutrients and ten micronutrients that your plant need. The Liquid Gro will also give your fruit trees, landscape, vegetables and house plants healthy stem and leaf growth. You don’t have to worry much about your plants even when you grow them on poor, rocky soils. The product helps increase the color, number and size of blooms produced.

Your cannabis plants will grow nice and thick. It delivers a complete nutritional plan for the plants. Indeed, it is an amazing quality fertilizer for an affordable price. It is easily absorbed by plants and works well with soil mixes and water systems.

One of the best things about this product is that it is very easy to use. There is no need to do a special mixing of different chemicals to get the perfect formula you need. It is one of the best-selling fertilizers to grow marijuana today.

  • Botanicare CNS17 Bloom – Exceptional Cannabis Fertilizer for Stronger Plants

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For years, Botanicare has been known for producing and developing unique products designed for growing health plants. Now, it introduces one of its top-notch products for growing weeds. Many plant growers, even the increasing number of weed gardeners highly recommended this product for all types of plant growth.

Product Highlights

When looking to produce high yields at a practical value, you will never go wrong with CNS17 BLOOM Plant Nutrient. It is very cost-efficient for a large scale production. It comes with three formulas to satisfy every growing method.

The CNS17 comes with a highly soluble formula that excels in NFT, Aeroponic and DWC systems. It contains high levels of potassium of phosphorus to produce great results. This product is actually the result of a groundbreaking technology that enables them to produce an expert strength contained in single bottle formulas.

Unlike other cannabis fertilizers and nutrients, this product has the perfect blend of seventeen minerals to ensure plant growth success. With its impressive ingredients and formula, there is no doubt to say that CNS17 is definitely one of Botanicare’s best products in the market.

It is perfectly made for the growth of your plant during each phase, from seedlings to ripening blooms. It was also designed to deliver specific critical elements in order to support heavily flowering and fruiting crops. Nutrient burn or overdrive is no longer a problem with the use of this fertilizer.

The Verdict

Growing cannabis is not always easy, especially if you are aiming for high-quality products. It requires top-notch nutrients and high-end fertilizers you can buy in the market.

If you pay attention to each of these products, you will realize that all of these provide exceptional levels of support for growing your weeds. They are primarily formulated to provide additional minerals and nutrients to help your plants thrive and grow effectively. Each one is also made of uniquely designed formulas to keep the plants healthy and strong, as well as support high yielding plants. For these reasons, many cannabis growers give these products four to five stars with only minimal to no complaints.

However, among all these, Advanced Nutrients seems to attract the interest of many growers, both the beginners and experienced ones. But, note that each of these is great for growing cannabis. What sets Advanced Nutrients apart from the competition are its ingredients and cost. When you use any of these products, your plants will surely be healthy and happy too.

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