Growing cannabis today is easier than before. Using a hydroponics system can help you grow marijuana faster than you expect in the first place. With different options on the market these days, you may feel quite curious which ones are perfect for your needs.

After doing extensive research, we finally came up with the top systems that would be ideal for growing cannabis. Whether you want to do it on a larger scale or want just a few plants, the products in this article are an excellent option.

Before we discover the top hydroponic systems, let’s learn about the basic stuff about marijuana hydroponic systems.

Experts suggest growers practice before they give cannabis growing a try. You should plant cannabis in soil and grow it to provide you with first-hand experience. As an alternative, you can grow lettuce hydroponically as a test run. You can also try tomatoes. They are quite similar to cannabis plants.

Having said that, you can familiarize yourself with possible mistakes in growing cannabis in a hydroponic system. Plus, you will get acquainted with the tool.

Top 4 Best Hydroponic Systems for Growing Cannabis


Best Hydroponic SystemDWC Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon, 6 Inch

Features: Easy to use. Level indicator

Benefits: 1 Year USA Manufacturers Warranty

HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System

Features: Include a larger commercial pump. Higher quality air stones

Benefits: Delivers professional results

Best Ebb and Flow SystemAutoPot 4pot System Gravity Fed Watering System

Features: 4-Pot System. Requires no power

Benefits: Extremely versatile

SuperPonics 8 Hydroponic Grow System

Features: Top feed drip system. Extra long drain tube

Benefits: 3-Year Warranty


Hydroponics: Overview

Hydroponics is not as complicated as you think. It is merely a method of growing plants without the use of soil. In fact, the name itself means working water. Hydroponics is not new anymore. Many civilizations have used the techniques throughout the history. The best examples are the hanging gardens of Babylon and the floating gardens of the Aztecs of Mexico.

The water in the system is not the typical drinking water you use. It is packed with minerals and other nutrients needed to grow any plants. The roots are exposed to it within a short span of time until the harvesting season.

A lot of people believe that growing plants need soil. In reality, it is not necessary. What they really need are enough minerals. But we can still not ignore the importance of soil. It gives optimal support to root structure of plants.

Unlike the traditional plant growing technique, you can replace the soil with a hydroponic system. This technique is much more efficient because it exposes the roots to a solution that’s rich in healthy nutrients. It also aerates the roots, avoiding rot issues.

Enough exposure to a sufficient amount of minerals and water is good for the plants. Not only can they spend less of their energy to grow their roots, but they can also use more energy on growing the other parts. As a result, growers can expect high yields, growth cycles, and ROI every year.

Are you now ready to start with your hydroponic setup? Then, there is a range of materials you need to prepare. These include a grow tent, lamps, coco coir, pots, nutrients, PH tester, timers, ventilation, and seeds. With proper growing strategy, marijuana can weigh up to three ounces.

Easy Steps on How to Grow Cannabis

A lot of people believe that growing cannabis is difficult. But it does not have to be a complicated process. Planting it outdoors can have a variety of results. One good example is that it only requires a minimal investment.

For a location with long and warm summers, it’s normal to wonder whether setting up an indoor grow room is worth the cost or not. If your goal is to keep it simple, outdoor growing cannabis means the soil is the excellent choice.

Indoor cannabis cultivation, on the other hand, is a bit different. Your season is shorter compared to ordinary plant cultivation.The fact that the growing environment is controlled, you can make the process as effective as possible. Growing cannabis thru a hydroponic system results in faster vegetable times. You can even produce high-quality and healthy buds in no time. It’s no doubt why hydro marijuana is known for being potent.

Hydroponically cultivating cannabis means that you’re growing them in an inert medium. This means a non-living medium without any nutrition. While soil is packed with nutrition and other minerals that promote fast plant growth, this innovative method contains nothing.

Growing the plant in the system means you need to provide enough nutrients. The good news is that there are cannabis nutrition companies that deliver specially tailored products to make the process more convenient and less stressful.

Here are simple steps to grow cannabis in a hydroponic tool:

  • Use the Right Medium

It is said that growing cannabis in a hydroponic environment is stress-free. But this depends on the medium you take advantage. The difference between media lies in how often you have to water them. The most common solutions are Rockwool and cocoa. Other topnotch choices are perlite, mapito, and hydroton clay pallets. The best is the coco coir. Unlike the other media, it is straightforward to employ. Plus, nutrient companies sell products that are catered to this medium.

  • Think About the Watering System

In hydroponic system design, there are things to consider. One is how you intend to water your cannabis. With Deep Water Culture (DWC), the plants require frequent watering and feedings.

A lot of hydroponic growers employ watering systems that feed plants automatically. Does your cannabis require a drip system? Is your setup manageable that you can hand water?

For a small setup with a few plants, it is much easier to mix a nutrient solution. This is a great way to save space, avoid extra equipment, and prevent the nutrients from going stale.

  • Mix Enough and Appropriate Nutrients

Mixing a nutrient solution is not stressful. But, you have to do it properly. You can fill up a can with water, nutrients, and additives. Then, don’t forget to adjust the PH.

Nutrient concentration is dependent on which strain you are growing. The general rule implies that it’s good to be under than over. Overfeeding can greatly affect your cannabis. In fact, it can cripple your plant. So, pay attention to the nutrient company of your option.

  • A Hydroponic System Revolves around PH

As a cannabis grower, it’s essential to follow strict guidelines for nutrition. Since soil has a natural PH capacity, you can avoid measuring the feeding solution. In a hydroponic setup, you cannot do the same thing. If you ignore it for days, you will mess up your crop. Growing marijuana in a hydroponic environment means that you need to measure any solution you give your plants.

  • Identify the Right Watering Frequency

The moment you have decided how to water your plants, how much nutrients to use, and adjust the PH level of your solution, your job does not stop there. It’s time to identify your watering frequency. A medium for growing cannabis dries out quickly. This enables the roots to have enough access to oxygen. This also allows you to give each plant another dose of nutrients.

To determine the ideal watering frequency, look for a balance between too wet and too dry. The time in which your medium dries depends on your option. It is also dependent on the cannabis size and environment. Coco coir, called as high water retention, will require fewer watering than pellets. Other plant stages require various amounts of water. Thus, you have to get ready.

  • Plant Structure

Have you ever picked a bag of perlite or coco coir? How do you find the weight? Most media are lighter than soil. They are great for water retention and maximum aeration. However, they are not perfect for stability. Since the media don’t offer a stable base, cannabis can become heavy in a short span of time.

It is always a brilliant idea to provide remarkable support for your plants before flowering. Prepare your stakes or trellises ahead of time so that the plant might not tip over. Use additives in your solution to make the branches strong.

  • Short Flushing Phase

During the harvest time, start thinking about flushing your media to get rid of extra nutrients. Cultivating the plant in the soil means that your medium will retain various nutrients. It is just average to finish the flush phases within two weeks. You can flush your cannabis within a short period of time without negative effects.

Different Types of Hydroponic Systems

Technology has given us the opportunity to move the garden from the outdoors into a well-controlled environment. During the early years, it’s tough to fine-tune all aspects of the growing process. Now, we can ditch soil, get the most out of nutrient absorption, save water, and produce high yields.

Well, hydroponic systems have come a long way since their availability. There are various types of hydroponic tools that you will find in a cultivator’s grow room.

  1. Deep Water Culture
  2. Ebb and Flow
  3. Nutrient Film Technique
  4. Wick System
  5. Aeroponics
  6. Drip System

  1. Deep Water Culture

Deep Water Culture (DWC) involves the suspension of the cannabis above a solution in which the root is totally submerged. Over the years, we know the effects of overwatering. So, how do plants in this hydroponic tool survive? A good question. Because of the fact that overwatering deprives the root of enough oxygen, the solution in this setup is adequately aerated with oxygen bubbles. This flows upward from the bottom of the can. This provides the oxygen the root needs. Also, injecting air thru a pump allows you to control the amount of aeration.

For beginners like you, Deep Water Culture is affordable and cheap to install. It usually has three parts such as a bucket to store a water-based nutrient solution, mesh for the roots to grow, and an air stone to provide air to the solution.

What to Pay Special Attention to Deep Water Culture System?

Since the basic idea of DWC is to grow cannabis as if you are watering your plants, it’s imperative to invest your money to timers, air pumps, lighting systems, monitors, and other decent equipment. Not only will it help you automatize the process, but it will also make it more comfortable for you to create a fantastic environment for your plants.

The water needs to be well-oxygenated, fresh, and clean. It must contain enough nutrients for your cannabis to grow accordingly. Also, refresh the solution once or twice a week. But this depends on the strain you use.

Growing cannabis in this setup also makes the plant sensitive to changes in the water temperature. It is necessary to use a chiller and a specially tailored machine to ensure the water remains in the best condition for your weeds.

Pros and Cons

Since availability, Deep Water Culture becomes popular. As a cannabis growing technique, it is convenient to set up and customize. It is also flexible that works with any format of facilities. Whether you have a small at-home grow with two plants or a large commercial grow with thousands of weeds, DWC has got your back. It is a versatile option that is worth the cost.

By taking advantage of a DWC, you may speed up the growth of your cannabis. The plant will never waste its energy on building a root system and searching for oxygen. The roots will have full access to all they need.

However, DWC has also some drawbacks. The system requires constant monitoring for different factors such as oxygen levels, temperature, nutrient concentration, PH levels, etc. But you can solve these issues. You just have to automatize the system and install high-quality tools. As a result, it will increase the cost of your cannabis.

Aside from that, DWC is power-dependent. Once power goes off, your air pump and timer will certainly not work, putting your crop in danger. It would be best to have a backup power source in case of non-stop power interruptions.

Overall, using a DWC is worth the cost. Reports show that growers obtain up to 20% increase in yields. And what about you? Have you tried to grow cannabis thru a DWC? If not, now is the right time!

  1. Ebb and Flow

Another type of hydroponic system is the Ebb and Flow. Unlike the DWC, it involves the use of a reservoir system that holds the water and the nutrient. It sits on flood table that connects with the reservoir thru two tubes. One tube is connected to a pump, keeping a good flow of water. The other tube is connected to an overflow to deliver the solution back into the reservoir.

Cannabis in an ebb and flow is potted in a neutral medium. It only sits an inch beneath the water surface. This allows the root to absorb all the minerals.

Ebb and Flow are known for its simplicity of operation, reliability, and cost-effective investment. A flood tray or pots are filled with gravel, lava rock, clay pellets, and other media. These don’t add nutrition to the plants nor act as soil. They support the roots and act as a reserve of water or nutrients. Typically, it floods four to six times every day, and people are encouraged to drain the system away in between flood cycles.

With Ebb and Flow, clean gravel, watertight flood tray, lava rock, or clay pellet serves as the rooting medium. Then, the system is flooded within a few minutes. All you have to do is place the reservoir below the tray. The solution can drain back by gravity via the pump. The most effective media is lava rock. It drains and traps air in a snap. It won’t leave a clay residue though you’ll use clay pellets. Lava rock, on the other hand, contains minerals that have a number of benefits to cannabis.

Aeration of an Ebb and Flow is an essential thing of the system. When it floods, it is primarily in a deep water culture mode. Your reservoir may have an air delivery system, including an air stone to saturate the water with oxygen and avoid pathogens.

During the flood cycle, the air is pumped into the bucket for a few minutes. Throughout this period, there is no oxygen. Even though you are in a water culture mode; your plants will not receive enough amount of air because a deep water culture has air pumped into the reservoir for a long time. During the draining of the bucket, air is pulled down into the grow media that supplies oxygen to the cannabis


There is no such thing as a “flawless” cannabis growing facility. The Ebb and Flow also have some drawbacks. Take a look at the following:

  • Reservoir, flood tray or pot has pathogens because of the stagnated water. Leaving them for a minute or two contaminates the system that affects the health and quality of the weeds.
  • During the flooding of pot, there is not enough amount of oxygen.
  • Throughout the drain stage, there is also a limited amount of air.
  • The system requires high maintenance. You really have to spend lots of money to keep it clean and effective.
  • High running expenses. Because of the frequent replacement of water and nutrient solution, you can spend high and unnecessary running costs.
  1. Nutrient Film Technique

Known as an intricate hydroponic arrangement, Nutrient Film Technique involves the use of a pump system and a reservoir. The cannabis is situated in net pots, allowing the root system to hang down. These pots are aligned in a row down the center of the system. NFT is where a small stream of nutrient-rich water is recirculated over the roots thru a tube or a gutter.

It is developed by Dr. Allen Copper in the 1960s. Since then, it has become a standard and essential practice to hydroponic cultivation. Throughout the years, it remains as the preferred method of gardening by many people out there.

How does it work?

Before knowing how Nutrient Film Technique works, it’s good to know the materials needed to build one. Among the tools are a reservoir, a nutrient pump, tubes, channel for the cannabis to grow in, net pots, and return system.

The system has 2 main components such as the channel and the reservoir. In the tray, there are net pots that consist of perlite, coconut, Rockwool, and other media. However, growers do not use these media. The growing facility provides enough moisture, oxygen, and nutrients to the roots.

Cannabis roots grow into a mat in the tray. The foliage sits on top, which can be provided with support. The system employs a pump to deliver water to the tray and a pipe to recycle the unused nutrient.

But have you ever wondered how it works? To let the water flow down to the nutrient return pipe, you should place the tray at an angle. The excess solution will just flow out of the pipe and move into another tube.

The plant’s root hangs down to the bottom of the tube where they come into contact with the film of nutrient solution. Then, they absorb the nutrients. The film allows the cannabis to be watered. This also helps the roots remain dry and have enough access to oxygen.

  1. Wick System

Wick systems are one of the most popular hydroponic systems for first-time growers. They are known for simplicity that makes them an excellent choice for growing cannabis. Although they are a low-tech system, they allow you to grow any plant without wasting water and nutrients.

Why Use Wick Systems?

Most cannabis growers use wick systems because watering the plants or maintaining the system is not burdensome. Thanks to the system as it has the capability to pull water from the container. You don’t need to spend most of your time managing the equipment.

Instead of creating your own wick system, purchase online for lots of high-quality, affordable, and durable options.

When it comes to setting up, it is not hard. As a matter of fact, you can set one up without the help of a professional. Just read the manuals for more information.

  • Increase the uptake of oxygen that leads to fast and proper cannabis growth.
  • The systems are super simple to set up. Within a minute or two, you can assemble one for your convenience.
  • They require simple management or maintenance. There is no need to hire a specialist to keep your wick systems functional.
  • They are the cheapest tool to run. Most products are available with competitive They really do not cost an arm or a leg.
  • They are excellent for closet growing.
  • Correct mistakes Even though they do have a lot of potentials for you to commit errors, you can fix them without other dilemmas.

Like the others, wick systems have bad sides. Here are a few of them:

  • Mold can appear when the tool is not cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Water has to be changed so that the nutrients won’t get static.
  • Cannabis is only grown in water that results in weak crop yield.
  • They require oxygenation, especially for bigger

Nevertheless, these downsides are nothing when compared to the pros. Since they are used across the globe, they are good to try. Below are some of their benefits:

  1. Aeroponics

Are you looking for a more advanced technique of hydroponics? There is no need to look further than aeroponics. It utilizes a hanging root system and net pot like other solutions. The roots hang above the solution reservoir. However, the root tips are not submerged. The nutrient is delivered by a misting system and a pump. Both deliver an ample amount of water and minerals to achieve maximum absorption.

Aeroponic system designs may vary. The upper tray can be shaped to fit your space best. While the designs are simple, they are quite costly and tricky to put together. They may not be perfect for beginners out there.

  • Fast Plant Growth. The main feature of aeroponic systems is that it can speed up the growth of the cannabis. The plant roots have enough access to oxygen 24/7.
  • Simple Maintenance. Unlike the other hydroponic tools, aeroponic equipment requires easy maintenance. All you have to maintain is the root chamber, the reservoir, and irrigation.
  • Less Need for Water and Nutrient Solution. The absorption rate is higher since cannabis in aeroponic setup does not need more nutrients and water than you imagine.
  • It does not Require a Large Space. Spacious area to start cannabis cultivation? Don’t worry! It only requires less space.
  • It Requires Technical Knowledge. Before you can run an aeroponic system, you need to possess a good level of competency. Knowledge of the ideal amount of nutrients for growing cannabis is necessary.
  • High Expenses. Most products out there are not cheap. They may cost a hundred dollars, so prepare your pocket.
  • Dependence on the System. Typically, an aeroponics system is made of high sprinklers, timers, and high-pressure If any of these gets damaged, your cannabis can be killed easily.
  1. Drip System

Commonly known as a cutting edge hydroponic kit, a drip system has a reservoir that uses an air pump to keep the solution moving. It consists of a nutrient pump that sends the solution and cannabis has vermiculite and coco coir as its standard hydroponic media.

Once the water is pumped up from the reservoir, it is fed to the cannabis. The water drips from the hoses onto the media, and the process is controlled by a timer.

  • It Efficiently Uses Water and Nutrients. Of course, all cannabis growers want to save money on running costs. This hydroponic system is one of the best solutions.
  • Great for Areas without Enough Water. Not only does it help you avoid unnecessary running costs, but it will also help you save water.
  • Low Maintenance. Have you been using a high maintenance hydroponic system? Then, take advantage of a drip system. You can keep it clean and fresh without a hard time.
  • It is not Ideal for Organic Growing. There is a buildup of nutes in the emitters.
  • Emitters Always Clog. Usually, you will notice the clog when cannabis starts to show signs of under-nutrition.
  • Pumps may not Function Well. The pumps for recirculation can sometimes go wrong. Seek help from a professional as much as possible.

Best Hydroponic Systems for DWC

DWC Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon, 6 Inch

Check Price on Amazon

With the popular options for Deep Water Culture, this product is something you cannot afford to miss. It is an inexpensive, complete, and easy to use kit developed by PowerGrow. It includes 5 Gallon bucket with 6-inch basket lid. Like other reliable solutions out there, it is FDA approved.

Other features are 44 GPH air pump, air stone, growing medium, air tubing, Rockwool seeds starting plugs, bucket drain, and water level indicator. Plus, it has one year warranty.

HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System

Check Price on Amazon

Another incredible DWC system is the Bubble Brothers. It has the leading choices among growers is it has space saving low-profile buckets with high power air pump, and air tubing.

It also consists of a 10-liter bag of clay pebble for extra root support. Plus, it has an aesthetic and stylish design that you can boast to your friends. When you feel worried about the price, don’t feel that way as it’s affordable. Most importantly, it performs beyond expectations.

Best Ebb and Flow Systems for Growing Cannabis

Aside from Depp Water Culture systems, there are other ways to grow cannabis with hydroponics. These are the Ebb and Flow systems. Unlike DWC, they are more expensive. But they are a worth it investment. They are efficient and eco-friendly.

Here are a few of the best options you can ever have:

AutoPot 4pot System Gravity Fed Watering System

Check Price on Amazon

As a beginner at growing cannabis, it’s hard to choose which hydroponic system that works well. With the availability of the AutoPot 4pot gravity-fed watering system, you can say bye to all your worries. It is specially designed for you as a first-time grower. When it comes to installation, it is straightforward. You do not have to be a professional installer. With a bit background or experience, you can get one installed in real time.

But what makes the AutoPot 4pot gravity-fed watering system ideal for new growers? It is gravity-driven and does not require complicated maintenance. Besides, it does not require power, timers, or pumps. The hydroponic system is very flexible and responsive for experienced marijuana growers as well.

Another advantage of the AutoPot 4pot gravity-fed watering system is that it is extensible. Every time you need to add pots, there will be no problems. Over the years, experts consider it as “a lazy” hydroponic system. There is no need for daily watering. It only requires minimal monitoring throughout your use. Just fill the reservoir with water and the right nutrients.

Compared to other products, this hydroponic marijuana system consists of a 12-gallon reservoir and 4 pots. These make the AutoPot 4pot gravity-fed watering system excellent for every newbie. It has a gravity feeding mechanism that supports the plant roots. With the fact that there is no required electrical equipment, it is one of the most energy saving and eco-friendly options on the market. Other features include a lid, hat grommet, filter, tees, inline taps, trays, pots, valves, control discs, and pipe.

SuperPonics 8 Hydroponic Grow System

Check Price on Amazon

Of course, people who engage in cannabis cultivation want to grow plants faster, easier, and safer than other hydroponic kits. With SuperPonics Hydroponic Grow System, all your goals will come to life. It has technology that fuses the best of hydroponics. It combines deep water culture, top feeding, bubble, and aeroponics.
Since the availability of SuperPonics Hydroponic Grow System, it’s known for growing cannabis in a short-term run. Plus, the stage is safe because of its independent hydroponic grow systems. Both operate at the same time. It was established to give you the peace of mind during an emergency. Even one system malfunctions, you are assured that your cannabis will thrive.

Other components include net cups, air pump, air stone, water pump, and a single analog timer.

Growing Media for Hydroponic Kits

Which hydroponic system do you want to use? Whatever the kit of your option, it’s good to know the variety of media for growing cannabis. Let’s take a close look at the following:

  • Rockwool commonly known as stone wool. Rockwool is made from rock that has been spun into cubes and slabs. It has the texture of insulation, providing the roots with a balance of oxygen and water.
  • Perlite or Vermiculite. As an important substance, perlite is made from volcanic rock. It is light in weight and often utilized as a soil additive to boost aeration. Vermiculite, on the other hand, is mixed with Perlite. It is made from mica and has a vibrant appearance.
  • Clay Pellets. As a man-made product, clay pellets is also called grow rocks. As with other media, they really work well. They are full of air pockets, giving them good drainage. They are excellent for Ebb and Flow systems. But you can use them for other hydroponic kits.
  • Sphagnum Peat Moss. A natural medium, sphagnum moss is overlooked by many. But it is packed with various properties for a hassle-free production. It has long strands of spongelike material that retain an ample amount of water. The major problem with this medium is that it decomposes over time. It might shed small particles that could immensely affect the drip emitters and pump.

Other Effective Tips for Growing Cannabis with Quality Bud

A high-quality hydroponic system is not enough to achieve nutrient-rich cannabis. It also depends on you as a grower.

Here are some effective tips for you to acquire high yields:

  • Give your Cannabis Enough Light. Ample and proper lighting is vital for the fast growth of cannabis. As much as possible, give your weeds lots of light to increase potency, high yields, and density.
  • Provide Sufficient Nutrients. Since the hydroponic system relies on a nutrient solution, give a result-driven product a try. You should consider smell enhancers, bulk builders, bloom boosters, and many more.
  • Better Smell and Taste. For a newbie like you, it is imperative to learn the techniques to boost terpene content. This plays a vital role in achieving great bud taste and smell.
  • Control Temperature and Humidity. These factors are a key to successful cannabis cultivation. That’s why make sure to control both to increase resin production.
  • Learn the Basics. As a cannabis grower, master harvesting, trimming, curing, and drying. Even though some experienced growers don’t give much attention to plants after harvest, never do the same thing. Dry or cure your weeds properly to boost bud potency and intensify smell.

There you have it! Enjoy being a cannabis grower. It’s hard for newbies at first. But, once you see healthy weeds, your efforts will all be worth it. It depends on the hydroponic systems you want to employ. Most importantly, the attention and care from you as a grower also plays a vital role. For more comprehensive reviews or guides, keep in touch with us! We will keep you posted. Thanks!

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