What is the significance of blue and red lights when growing plants inside your home or building? There is an increasing curiosity regarding LED grow lamps in hydroponic farming and this review is about one of indoor growers’ popular choices among LED grow lights in the market, the Roleadro GalaxyHydro 300W LED Grow Light. This review aims to help indoor growers like you to understand the benefits of using the RoleadroHydro 300W and the importance of making a well-thought of buying decision when it comes to the available products in the market today. Different designs and features, some are expensive than the others. How do you choose the right one?

Looking for the best LED grow lamps can be daunting and unless you know your specific needs, your list will be endless. And what if you are growing your own bed of weeds indoors? Find out why Roleadro GalaxyHydro 300W has become a name and why it garnered high rates among indoor weed growers.

The Roleadro GalaxyHydro 300W LED Grow Light is no longer available for purchase. However, the MARS HYDRO TSW2000 is another 300W grow light that packs features and value into a clean and tidy price tag. Check it out!

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Product Features:

The GalaxyHydro Series from Roleadro has launched its newest addition to the line, the GalaxyHydro 300W featuring amazing designs. It has a 90° and a 120° lens design, best full spectrum design, and exceptional heat dissipation for all indoor plants, veg, as well as bloom regardless of its growth stage.

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What can you get out of this LED grow lamp?

  1. It will help indoor growers like you to grow any plant you want regardless of the time of the year and the environment.
  2. It will give you your much needed spectrum as well as nutrition from the light for proper growth at any stage.
  3. To be a complete substitute for sunlight indoors so plants can grow better any month of the year
    • Long Lifespan Due to Improved Heat Dissipation

This Roleadro unit is designed with 2 improved ETL-approved cooling fans that works efficiently and quietly together with the heat sinks made from aluminum for improved heat dissipation. The speed of heat dissipation tremendously increased by 20percent to 30 percent compare from other models in the same series. What does this mean? It means the entire LED board is protected from overheating and you are assured of more stable use. Growing plants and harvesting one cycle after another is not a problem as this is how this model is designed. Durability and affordability at its best.

    • Full Spectrum to Provide the Right “Weather” for your Weed

The GalaxyHydro 300W is designed with expensive universal Blue and Red Infrared Ultra Violet and white light. apply the white light during winter to emit warm heat. And if you need essential lighting for growing your plants, use the blue and red instead. The company focuses not on the light wattage but instead the number of lights the plant needs for easy absorption. It’s as if you have the real sun inside you home especially during the winter season.

    • Optimum PAR for Better Result

At 18 inches with 435 PAR, this is by far the highest when it comes to 300W models in the market. Growing plants in soil or hydroponic farming environment is faster under the heat and warmth of this LED grow lamp. Growing out of season flowers, veg, and plants is possible in a very efficient manner without exposing yourself under the heat of the sun or cold rain associated with outdoor farming. Your home planting time is shortened while lengthening the lamp’s lifespan. This LED light is truly the best solution for your fast light absorption and short growth cycle so you can plant more and produce more the whole year round!

Product Specifications: 

      • 100pcs x 3Watt LED Chips by Epileds for its Light Source
      • 300Watt Rated Power
      • Working Voltage at AC100 to 240V
      • 132w±5% Actual Power
      • 50-60 HZ Frequency
      • Lifespan: 50000 Hours
      • 2ft x 2ft Core Coverage at 24-inch Height
      • 3ft x 3ft Max Coverage at 24-inch Height
      • Dimension of 12.1” x 2.4” x 8.2”

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Why Choose Roleadro GalaxyHydro 300W

The GalaxyHydro Series particularly this 300W are made in premium quality materials as well as reliable technology. The company provides great value for your money aiming for 100 percent customer satisfaction at all times. With the ingenious design of more blue and red lights than white lights, the improved PAR is what every indoor grower needs as it guarantees growth support, amazing plant development, and ultimately a great yield even for out of season variety in plants.


      • Heavy-duty build
      • Infrared Light (IR) for improved photosynthesis
      • High brightness
      • Two or more units can be Daisy chained together
      • Cost efficient and low electricity consumption
      • It contains less white lights and more of blue and red light chips
      • Built in fans to decrease heat consumption
      • 300Watts (HID) High Intensity Discharge equivalent however, only around 140W is the actual power consumed


You may want to use the lights on for 10-16 hours daily and reposition its height around 12” to 56” subject to your cannabis plants’ growth stage. And just like any other LED lights, avoid looking directly at the light.

The Verdict:

Roleadro GalaxyHydro 300W LED Light is a reasonably priced 300W LED lamps in the market today that will give you the best value for your money. The 90°and the 120°view angle of this light allows for easy adjustment to set the light where your plant is placed. The IR lamp works perfectly and plays a vital part in the cannabis plants’ growth stages especially during flowering as well as seeding. This is the ideal LED grow lights for smaller grow areas around 2ft by 2ft for flowering stage and 3ft by 3ft for vegetation stage. For all cannabis indoor growers who are tight in their budget but want to use an excellent lighting on their indoor growing, order from Amazon and get your package now.

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Roleadro Manufacturer:

Roleadro is an expert provider and manufacturer of LED light operating for a total of 9 years. From production to r and d experience for all their LED plant lamp. The company provides quality but affordable products through the years for all your LED lights planting needs.

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