Looking for a reliable LED grow a light product that is equipped with state of the art features and without breaking your bank account? If so, look no further than Advanced Platinum Series P600 Grow Light. This article will be going to give you some points about P600 grow light to know if it applies to you or not.

The Platinum Series P600 Grow Light is no longer available for purchase. However, you could try the much cheaper (and equally awesome) 600W model from Philzon instead. It’s one of the best LED grow lights for under $100!

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Product Overview

The new Advanced Platinum Series P600 is among the best and most powerful grow light panels you can purchase in the 600w spectrum. This remarkable LED grows light uses the 12-band light range and offers the most Photosynthetically Active Radiation or PAR for every watt compared to other LED grow lights on hand today. Hence, the P600 LED grow light is perfect for indoor growers all over the world.

It comes with a 12-band light range that varies from Ultra Violet to IR. So, this LED grow light is capable of providing plants enough light for their photosynthesis. Advanced Platinum Series P600 will be best for your plants during vegetative and flowering stages.

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How P600 LED Grow Light Works?

The Advanced Platinum Series P600 LED Grow Light is energy-efficient that produces full spectral illumination. This is light whose wavelength ranges closely accurate to the light wavelength of sunlight. Still, the P600 allows plant growers to twist the light to enhance luminous efficacy while optimizing the procedures of photomorphogenesis and photosynthesis. The Advanced Platinum Series P600 comes with a power cable fitted to any AC wall socket.


This grow light from PlatinumLED Grow Lights provides many essential features which are essential for indoor veggies and plants during vegetative and flowing stages. Key features of P600 include:


This is where this product stands out from the rest. The Advanced Platinum P600 LED Grow light is sturdy and has a robust construction that allows indoor plant growers to utilize them for many years without the need for early replacement. What is more to it is the easy-to-setup and operating this is a breeze as well.

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Variability of Light Range

The Advanced Platinum LED Grow light is fitted with a switch which can be programmed to provide variable bands of the beam from a twelve-band range to make sure your plants are given with the needed lighting conditions which are important in every stage of development. This full range of light means that any spectral output, ranging from IR to UV, can be provided to your plants based on their needs. Thus, your plants get and use an effective and efficient source of light which allows them to grow fast and healthy.

Extensive Coverage

This grow light provides a wide coverage area of twenty-five square feet that is relatively impressive. With such a wide coverage area, you will be sure of the best yields from your plants.

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When buying any types of products, it is very important to know its pros and cons. This will help you know if the product is a worthwhile an investment or not.


  • Energy efficient LED Grow Light
  • It comes with selectable switches that help optimize the growth of plant during their flowering and vegetative stages
  • It comes with five years warranty
  • Compactly designed
  • It has a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Highest Photosynthetically Active Radiation for every watt output
  • This is the best-LED panel made in the US that is available on the market


In spite of the many benefits this grow light offers, it also comes with minor drawbacks such as:

  • It is very expensive compared to growing lights available out there.
  • The light can be very bright. So, indoor plant growers might need to utilize eye protection, especially when working under this light.


The Advanced Platinum P600 LED Grow Light is indeed one of the most reliable grow light available today. It has full twelve-band range together with two switches for bloom and vegetative modes. You also get efficient and bright LED bulbs that last for many years of using. It receives lots of good feedback from previous users, and a lot of customers are happy with their purchases. It also receives a high rating on Amazon review.

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The Advanced Platinum P600 is an ideal grow light for those who are serious about growing indoor cannabis. Purchase two or more of this light, and you can cover large planting area.  This unit comes with a variable switch that allows you choose the right program. Although, this product will not do all the needed work for you, yet it will make some of the tasks to be easier and simpler.

What is more, this product is available in five-year warranty. You can ask for the replacement of the product or a refund in case you are not satisfied with the results without questions asked.

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