The Mars Hydro Reflector 480W LED Grow Light has a compact design, large coverage area and cool operating temperatures that make it an ideal option for those who are growing plants in a small area. The grow light’s custom spectrum diffuser improves coverage area and energy efficiency. It is also equipped with a Grow and Bloom switch that allows you to choose between Bloom mode and Veg mode. The grow light is a good option for those who want to get maximum output and coverage per watt without spending a large amount of money. It is ETL certified, so it is safe to use.

The MARS HYDRO 480W LED Grow Light is no longer available for purchase. However, give the MARS HYDRO TS3000 a shot instead. It’s a new and improved model stacked with features for growers to get the most out of their plants!

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What’s included in the Box?

The box includes 1 LED grow light, 1 hanging kit and 1 power cord. The grow light is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Switchable Modes

The Mars Hydro Reflector LED Grow Light has a switchable mode that allows you to switch between all of the diodes working and only half of the diodes on. There are two switches that you can flip to run the grow light at full power or run it at half power. The latter is the best option for light vegging, seedlings and clones, while full power is ideal for the bloom phase.

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The grow light’s flowering coverage is up to 2′ x 3′. If you are growing vegetables, the Mars Hydro Reflector Grow Light can cover an area of up to 2.5′ x 3.5′.


If the plants don’t get a well-balanced spectrum, you will never achieve your desired results. The Mars Hydro Reflector Grow Light uses 10 bands of light in the following range:

  • 650~660nm
  • 620~630nm
  • 450~475nm
  • 430~440nm
  • IR 730nm
  • White

The grow light provides a well-balanced selection of light for a wide range of plants. This spectrum offers everything you need when it comes to all stages of plant growth.

Diodes, Reflector and Energy Usage

Each diode is surrounded by a reflector that gathers and combines 99 percent of the light in order to spread it as efficiently as possible. Mars Hydro offers the reflector series with 5-watt diodes, which allows it to produce more light and provide your desired results. Each diode is not forced to produce its maximum output, so it’s expected to last for 50,000 to 100,000 hours while maintaining low energy consumption.


The grow light from Mars Hydro remains cool throughout the day. It can endure hours of nonstop use without any changes in its performance. The grow light has large aluminum heat sinks that work together with large cooling fans that continue to spin as long as the light is working. This dispels heat. The fans also work quietly, which makes it a great option for those who don’t like a noisy environment. It will keep the light cool without consuming a lot of electricity.

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The Mars Hydro Reflector 480W LED Grow Light is one of the best budget-friendly grow lights that you can find today. It features 5-watt diodes with a rich spectrum. The grow light does a great job at the blooming phase and works well with clones, germination, vegging and seedlings. It has a fan that works quietly and keeps the light cool, so it doesn’t overheat. The Mars Hydro Reflector LED Grow Light is also supported by a 2-year warranty and 24-hour assistance, so you can get help if you have issues with the light. If you are looking for a cost-effective grow light, you can consider the Reflector Series from Mars Hydro. You can use it as a back-up for your main lights or use it while you are saving up for an upgrade.

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