For decades, indoor growers have depended on artificial light sources such as High-Pressure Sodium, HID, and Fluorescent to mimic the sun’s ray in an indoor environment. Today, there is a new player in the game – the LED (Light-Emitting Diodes), and its technology has been around for decades. Recently, LEDs are being used to higher intensity light that uses indoor growing.

The primary benefits of using LED include the reduced power and heat consumption. However, with hundreds of available LED grow light in the market, it will be hard for you to choose the right one. Take a look at the G8LED 900W Mega LED.

G8LED 900 Overview

The G8LED 900W Grow Light comes with Infrared, Optimal 8-Band and Ultraviolet features.     The light spectrum of this unit for both Veg and Flower is enough to function like a 1400W MH or HPS system. This model was created to provide high efficiency in grow light, and it has the highest quality of power supplies, diodes, fans, casings and circuit boards. G8LED 900 has a lifespan of 50,000 hours or 15 years and this only means that it will serve you for a longer time before you shop for a new LED grow light.

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Key Features of G8LED 900

G8LED 900 is the winner of the last year’s best LED grow light award from the famous Times magazine. One of the most prominent benefits of this unit is the sheer power it provides. The G8LED 900 provides a growing power as a 1200W HID, which is a good return on investment given its consumption.


The G8LED 900 has all the best features and specifications you need for a large-scale growth and high-performance light. The blue and red light-band LEDs are supplemented with UV and infrared bulbs. Inside the panels of this grow light are Zener diodes that help prevent possible risk of electrical surges and burnout, which is a huge issue on bigger projects.

Unlike any other grow lights, this model has no bloom or veg switcher. Instead, the G8LED 900 provides a full spectrum of light that is vibrant enough to support both stages. G8LED 900 is a huge unit – high-powered and whisper quiet cooling fans. You can also switch this light for 24 hours, and the light runs cool enough. Unlike most of its competitors, G8LED 900 is opting for a simpler yet enormously, effective approach.

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When it comes to the coverage, the G8LED 900 high-powered LED light source operates the same coverage with both phases of growth – a 24 square foot. The G8LED 900 can penetrate a canopy for up to 60 inches deep. Any other competitors can’t exceed this model’s level of coverage.

Strength and Efficiency

The G8LED 900 is incredibly efficient, given that this unit replaces a 1200W HID while only running on 540W, taking into account the penetration and coverage. While most of the large-scale projects electric bill tends to be spiral, the G8LED 900 could help you save hundreds of dollars every month.


With a powerful unit like this one, there is no doubt that it is worth your money. Light burning can be costly with huge lights. However, this unit recommends at least 24 inches above the canopy. With a unit this size, you don’t need to move your plants or even the light source during the crop production. G8LED 900 is very flexible and requires minimum time to set up and maintain.

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When dealing with the value, you need to consider the size of the unit. The G8LED 900 may seem too steep but given the number of crops you can grow, and with the unit’s low running costs, it’s worth it. As a bonus, you don’t need to add ballast to run this grow light. By simply mounting it into the wall, then you are good to go. G8LED 900 is expected to last for 50,000 hours. The light is also backed by a 2-year warranty with excellent customer support in case you need some advice and help with your light.


  • Offers excellent technology for the money
  • G8LED 900 can outdo 1000W HPS system
  • Perfect choice for people who wants to expand their growing operation
  • A powerful light that can cover an area of 24 square feet and more
  • It provides a huge amount of versatility
  • The penetration is unparalleled


  • The unit is too large
  • Can run a little bit hot due to the amount of output it offers


The G8LED 900W Mega LED Grow Light deserves all the recognition and praises it gets. It is easy to use, offers great coverage, and it makes every operation more efficient. This unit is a great choice for professional growers who wish to value their money. If you want to make your plants green, and healthy, then this is absolutely the light you should be considering to purchase right now.

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