Are you looking for the best grow light? Over the years, people are talking about some of the best grow light available on the market. If you are a plant grower, you know how important it is to have an LED light. An excellent and efficient grow light can make all the difference in your plants. It is the reason why most people opt to buy LED grow lights for their yields. The G8LED 600W is one of the most prominent grow lights you can buy today. Read more about G8LED 600W.

The G8LED 600W Grow Light is no longer available for purchase. However, you could try the much cheaper (and more highly rated) 600W model from Philzon instead. It’s one of the best LED grow lights for under $100!

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G8LED 600W Overview

G8LED 600W is one of the most prominent models, and the most recognized LED grow lights today. From a well-known US brand, the G8LED 600W is made by an award-winning company. The G8LED 600W LED Grow Light has won the title from the HIGH TIMES Magazine’s award as the “Best LED Grow Light” for two consecutive years, (2016 and 2017).

Before buying a grow light, you need to look at the best features of the product. In the case of the G8LED 600W, you can easily cover 18 square of your growing area. Next, the capacity of this unit is equivalent to 800-1000 watts in CFL lights, but it only consumes 380 watts for the same light. With enough heat and light produced for the plants, you can earn high yields all year round. As an addition, the technology of this light allows the light to yield higher lightning when compared to other competitors – making this unit a powerful source of light.

Best Features

The G8LED 600W is a smart option for small and medium plant growers. Many plant growers like this model due to its ability to provide a good source of light, easy setup and use. G8LED 600W stands out because it helps saves a lot of effort, time and money especially when you are growing.

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The G8LED 600W uses eight band light spectrum which consists of infrared and UV. This unit is specifically designed to provide optimal light during photosynthesis. Selecting this unit as your grow light reduces the need for a phase switch. Though the specs of this model might look simple, the G8LED 600W has a lot more to offer.


When it comes to the coverage, it is where this unit excels. The eight band spectrum of G8LED 600W covers up to 20 square foot in both the bloom and veg stages. The LEDs are powerful as well which penetrates for up to 4 feet into the canopy. Most of the LEDs are equipped with a focusing lens, which helps reduce the power of lights. G8LED 600W instead opt for an intense light to make accessing the lower reaches of the crops easier.

Strength and Efficiency

The G8LED 600W consumes only 380W which is equivalent to an output of 600W. It’s a good return, for this unit. With the efficiency of this light, your plants will be like a Christmas tree and rich in photosynthetic light all throughout their growing cycle.


When it comes to the versatility, the G8LED 600W is a very versatile tool. It is suitable for both medium and large-scale projects; as long as you have enough space. The manufacturer of the light suggests at least 24 inches above the canopy prevent the plants from burning. It could be an issue, so make sure that you have enough room in your yield before buying this unit. Plus, the identical coverage in bloom and veg is an extra point.

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Regarding the cost, the G8LED 600W is worth for investment. It can replace either 600 or 800W HID. Moreover, since the veg and bloom stages are just the same, you don’t need to buy or spend more money for extra lighting equipment. If in case you need help about the G8LED 600W, the manufacturer of the light has excellent customer service to help you with all your concerns.


  • Impressive coverage and smart design
  • Provides you exactly what you need for your plants
  • Offers enough features
  • Allows you to save up to 60% of the energy consumption
  • Provides enough light and heat


  • There are some issues with the efficiency
  • Not a cheap grow light


If you are still undecided on what grow light to buy, then the G8LED 600W is one of the best options you have. This unit is based on the Full Spectrum Light Technology which makes it ideal for intense lighting and thus completing the growing cycle. Plus, the power consumption of this unit is low, as it only consumes 380 watts for the light that is equivalent to 1000W in HPS. With the unit’s 2-year warranty and sturdy built, there is no doubt that the G8LED 600W is worth for your investment and the answer to your plant needs.

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