The Year of 2017 has passed. We’ve seen the best-selling LED Grow lights. Others lost people’s attention, and some remain a leading option for many, including the G8240W MEGALED grow light. In this comprehensive review, you will be aware of its features that will help you make the right decision.

The G8240 is considered the smallest grow light along the G8 series. The company has spent eight years to perfect its products. Rest assured it is some of the smartest light sources across the globe. Its product is specially tailored for even the smaller projects, which fits inside a 6-foot tent.

Whether you are a first-time grower or eager to experiment with new ideas, the G8240 comes to your rescue. Keep reading to get more information.

The G8LED 240-Watt Grow Light is no longer available for purchase. However, the P2000 from VIPARSPECTRA offers equal value for money and is guaranteed to produce some excellent results!

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Since the establishment of G8, it remains committed to refining its grow lights. Its latest solution has an eight-band spectrum light source which utilizes the light waves. It encompasses infrared, UV and 6000K white.

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With the integration of fewer light-bands, it provides an intense light. It does not waste power on the light bands that your crops do not need. It comes with 3W single chip LEDs, which are made in the U.S. Unlike the others, it runs cool. The unit has a built-in three ventilator fans that help keep the heat, preserving the temperate climate in your house.

While preventing electrical surges, Zener diodes regulate the voltage of the panel. When using an inefficient product, all these surges could potentially damage your equipment. There is no doubt how the company has thought deeply when designing this practical and effective LED grow light for beginners out there.


When it comes to coverage, not all grow lights are as effective as the G8240. It covers a three by 2-foot area because of the optimized light bands that stays the same between bloom and veg stages.

Moreover, the lights are too powerful. They can penetrate 5 feet beneath the canopy. Approximately 6 square foot is the recommended coverage for G8. But, once you hang the lights higher, you can cover a four by 4-foot space for veg production without the hassle.


  • High power efficiency

Compared to other forms of lighting, the Grow Light is not only effective but also power efficient. People love its low energy consumption because it saves money that can improve the plant environment in various ways.

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  • It provides extra space

The LED Grow lights of the product are small. They do not need other equipment to run, such as electronic ballast and cooling systems. In addition, this tool occupies a large space in your growing room, giving you the hassle-free way to monitor the progress of your crops.

  • Strength and efficiency

The G8240 is a bit similar to a traditional 400W HID. The only difference is that the former consumes half the electricity of the latter. If you believe that the lack of dimmer switches does not affect consumption, it’s not true. In fact, it has a potential effect.

However, the strength of such a small unit is quite impressive. It is strong enough wherein you can use to replace a 600W HID throughout the seed or veg state.

  • Versatility

For you to achieve the best results, utilize the LED grow light on a small number of plants. At the end of their growth cycle, you will realize that it adds a red booster. Other experts also believe that G8240 could likewise play a crucial role in larger projects such as in the veg or seed stages.

Although it is known as a small unit, its size does not block its functional performance. Despite its size, it can guarantee an excellent and stress-free output. Moreover, it is suitable for other uses. Give it a try and see how it really works.

  • Value

People thought that G8240 was available at a nice mid-range price. In reality, it is great value for your money. No wonder why it becomes one of the best-selling options in the market today. Plus, it is highly recommended by experts.

Additional information

The company provides a 2-year warranty on the panel. When it comes to the return policy, it is within 90 days. Another thing that people loved about the product is that it lasts up to 50,000 hours. This is what makes it worth considering for.


  • The get up of the G8LED 240 might not be interesting for other customers buy.


Overall the product gathered thousands of happy customers in different parts of the world. It is indeed one of the best LED grow lights available in the market these days. With continuous and proper updates, it can put an end to its flaws. So, take action today and realize how it becomes a meaningful investment for others. Try it now before it is too late!

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