All year round fresh marijuana produce may seem impossible but actually not. With the use of best T5 grow lights you can grow as well as harvest anything you desire. However, selecting the best T5 grow lights for growing cannabis is not always easy. Before you go around the shop for the best light for your plants, make sure you understand what T5 grow bulbs are and its advantage and disadvantages.

What are T5 grow bulbs anyway?

Also called T5 High Output bulbs, it’s the most commonly used fluorescent bulb used for growing plants indoors.

Advantage and Benefits:

  • Efficiency – Yes, you heard it right. T5 grow lights tubes are energy efficient. At 100 lumens per watt of energy it means it is much more efficient than traditional fluorescent bulbs. It is up to 10 times efficient than incandescent light bulbs. With T5 grow lights, you can create enough light for your light at the same time less cost of energy. As a matter of fact, LEDs in the market today cannot even math T5’s 100 lumens per watt rating. Additionally, LEDs cost double the price if not more than T5 light bulbs.
  • Speed of Light – Florescent tube generates from the entire length of the bulb, unlike HID that is on one spot. This means that cannabis plants underneath will get an even amount of light. They will undoubtedly grow at even speeds. This helps you to avoid producing smaller and taller plants like other grow lights will do.
  • Easy to Use – T5 grow lights are extremely easy to use. All you need is to hang the light on top of your plants and plug it then you’re done. Say goodbye to ballasts and fancy wiring. Changing the bulbs when they break is easy since they all have a standard There’s no need to think of what bulb to buy or if your T5 grow light is compatible with manufacturers fluorescent tubes.
  • Less Heat – Compared to traditional fluorescent bulbs, T5 grow light emits low heat. This means that your room will not be filled with unnecessary heat. You will no longer need to install your room with powerful ventilation to get rid of excess heat. On of it, T5 fixtures stay cool allowing you to place them close to your plats. The closer the bulb to the plant, the lesser the light that got lost. Additionally, you can have many better-grown
  • Long Lasting – T5 grow lights are long-lasting. Most bulbs have 20, 000 hours lifespan. With these bulbs, it means that you can use them nonstop all year round. It can even last up to two years before you replace them. Just think about how much you can save with your bulbs. As a matter of fact, if you only use the maximum of 12 hours in a day, it can last up to four years. Just imagine how much cannabis plants you can grow using a single T5 grow light.
  • Huge Bulbs Selection – T5 grow lights available in a vast range of configurations.  It is not limited to just one size as well as also available in spectrum outputs. You can choose from bulbs ranging from 2500K to 6500K and in between 5000K and 2700K. This allows you to combine bulbs and create not only better overall PAR rating but also better grow rate.

Using T5 grow lights will definitely save you money when growing cannabis indoors because it generates less heat so your plant will not burn compared to when using sodium lights. With less heat, you can use them on rooms with a low ceiling or shorter grow tents. This is beneficial to those who live in a warm climate area since it does not produce too much excess heat inside the room.

The Best T5 Grow Light for Growing Cannabis

Get yourself a VIVOSUN – a household brand for growers across the globe!

VIVOSUN T5 Grow Lights (4FT | 54W46IN 6500K)

VIVOSUN T5 Grow Lights (4FT | 54W46IN 6500K)

  • Length: 48 Ft power cord
  • Power: 54 Watts
  • Luminous Flux: 5000 Im
  • CCT: 3000K

This fluorescent T5 grow lights produces a cool and balanced light. It emits a steady orange and red spectrum at 6500k. Its design enhances superior bud growth which results in a bountiful harvest.


Durable: Long lasting replacement fluorescent grows light bulb. Its average lifespan is on par with almost HID lamp in the market today with over 20, 000 hours.

Cost Efficient: Cost effective and efficient is definitely a key factor for a bountiful harvest. Bulbs with extremely low heat emission, it takes away excess heat, so there is no need to install an expensive ventilation system. With bigger and brighter bulbs, this T5 grow light system is perfect for more massive indoor cannabis growing project.

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Other T5 Grow Lights Bulbs and Accessories

Looking for T5 grow light with high efficiency, low heat emittance, and low power consumption for your indoor cannabis growing project? Then we would recommend the T5 grow light bulbs and accessories below. These bulbs produce a red spectrum which is perfect to use during the flowering stage of your grow cannabis project.

Apollo Horticulture 2-Foot 2700K T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs, Pack of 5

Compatible with 2-foot long grow light fixture.

  • Pack of 5
  • Color Temp: 2700K
  • Lumen: 4,950
  • 12″ 3 Length / .62” Diameter

If you are looking for efficient and durable bulbs for your grow lights, this new T5 Grow Light system is what you need.  It is designed to produce light intensity and output making on par with high-intensity discharge bulbs. Its features and benefits are as follows.

  • Efficient – It has a small diameter but produces light as bright and efficient as high-end light sources. Its average lifespan is more than 20, 000 hours.
  • Dependable – Artificial light sources over time go through lumen depreciation. However, this T5 grow light bulb will depreciate just about 8%-10% of its lumen output throughout its lifespan.
  • Cost – Efficient – Less watt’s consumption the lower the cost of your cannabis growing project. The best part of using T5 Grow Light System is that it only not produces brighter light but to do it by consuming less energy.
  • Superior Plant Growth – Light produced by T5 lamps helps to promote excellent plant health. This means you cannabis plants will have full-term

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Apollo Henghorticulture 4FT T5 Replacement Bulbs

Like the Apollo Horticulture 2-Foot 2700K T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Bulb, but this time bigger.

  • Cost Efficient – T5 uses less wattage, so it means low cost
  • Superior Plant Growth – The bulbs produce even light which promotes incredibly healthy cannabis plants, cuttings, and bloom of seedlings. You can expect for full term growth of your marijuana plants.

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Apollo Horticulture GLRP18 Hangers

  • Weight Capacity: 150 lbs.
  • Length: 7’x7.”
  • Hook Material: Metal internal gears/ zinc plated steels
  • Pair of 1/o8 Inches rope hangers.

Are you tired of hanging using traditional ropes? then Apollo Horticulture GLRP18 Hangers got you covered. This hanger is compact and extremely durable for your growing cannabis needs. It can support anything from the most delicate to heavy duty pieces of your cannabis indoor grow equipment. Worry no more for any slip, fall, and budge. Its suspension system makes it very easy to use with clip, pull and lock features. Next time you need something to hang your indoor light fixtures, ventilation equipment, carbon filters, potted cannabis, fans, and more, then this is what you need.

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TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb (E27 12 W 3 Bands)

If you are looking for fancier lighting for your indoor cannabis growing project, then TaoTronicLED Grow Light Bulb is what you need. This light is usually used for hydroponics plants and indoor gardening. It is generally used for growing roses, tomatoes, peppers, orchids, kale, herbs, lettuce, basil, cucumbers, wildflowers, wheatgrass, broccoli and man more vegetables and fruits. It is also used for parking and growing any houseplant. It makes an excellent choice for seedling and cloning light since it can be installed in any tight spaces without the worry of excess health. The light it produces is perfect for almost all stages of cannabis plant growth. It is best to use for your indoor gardening needs.  Check out its key features and benefits for growing cannabis indoors.

  • 4 Peaks: The 4 peaks wavelength of growth spectrum are 660, 630, 460, and 430. This allows for the maximum production of chlorophyll. The light this bulb produces can be absorbed by the plants evenly.
  • Red 610-720 Nanometers – Producing up to 720 nanometers, it has more than enough wavelength needed for photoperiodism and photosynthesis. Its red light makes it a perfect grow light for better budding of your cannabis plants.
  • Blue 400-72 Nanometers – Its blue light is suitable for photosynthesis. It helps induce carotenoid and chlorophyll necessary for healthier leaves.

Ultra-Bright – TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb has 12 LEDs with 9 red and 3 blue specifically. This design is perfect to use when you think that your cannabis plants need more light than usual. It is also perfect to use when there is little sunlight getting inside the room, raining, or snowing.

Effective and Efficient – This LED cannabis grow light bulbs has high luminous efficiency output yet consumes very little energy. It is built with a technology that reduces voltage output without depreciating the light it emits. It is designed with a simple heatsink on the outside eliminating unnecessary excess heats. It takes away the needs for extra air conditioning system.

Plant Growth – This grow lamp emits light through a wavelength that can be absorbed by plants evenly underneath. No more wasted energy like those of the traditional fluorescent light bulbs. Its red light is highly beneficial for promotion photosynthesis of your cannabis plants so expect for a fruitful harvest. The blue light best promotes better leaf growth.

Healthier Plant –  The produced light helps to improve your plant’s health and growth. In less time, you will see your plants with more leaves. Its sleek and compact design fits the standard E27 socket. Even using a desk lamp will do. Its metal housing and easy to use feature take away the needs for a particular lamp fixture.

To sum it up, TaoTronics LED Grow Light Bulb (E27 12 W 3 Bands)

If you are looking for fancier lighting for your indoor cannabis growing project, then TaoTronicLED Grow Light Bulb is what you need. Check out its key features and benefits is perfect to use for all stages of your cannabis plant growth from seedlings, flowering, fruiting, to harvest. Its compact design makes it an ideal choice for growers with tight spaces indoor gardens. Additionally, its long lasting lifespan takes away the need to buy new grow light fixtures for a number of the harvest season. And the best part of all is that is fits the standard light socket.

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Intermatic DT122K 15Amp Indoor Time

This 15 amp 2 outlets heavy duty digital timer may look plain and simple, but this is what you need for your indoor cannabis growing project.

  • Heavy Duty – Programmable up to seven on/off settings for weekly (7 days’ schedules) and daily (24 hours’ schedules).
  • Optional Random Settings – This feature allows for a better ‘lived-in’ display. It also offers 2 grounded outlets, as well as controls, LED, 15 amp loads, and CFL lights.
  • Astronomic – Its astronomic feature allows it to adjust to sunset and sunrise times all year round automatically.
  • Plug-In Outlet – This features an auto daylight savings time adjustment. There is no need to re-program the time twice in a year.

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T5 Grow Lights Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does it mean when I see 6500K and 6400K plenty on bulbs?

Answer: It means that those are a blue spectrum or daylight bulbs. These bulbs are used for vegetation and sprouting stages of your cannabis plants. You will need 2700 up to 3000 spectrums for the flowering stage. Also, the letter K means Kelvin, a unit of measurement used to determine the temperature color and not just the heat.

Question: The box is labeled as Warm White, so how can be a 2700K bulb becomes red?

Answer: Warm white light does not produce harsh blue light that regular T5 grow lights do,

Question: Which among T5, LED, and HID is better?

Answer: It depends on your needs and budget. LED lights are preferred to be used by season growers but keep in mind that it is generally expensive.  Although a considerable investment, LED lights will pay for themselves in terms of durability. With its long-lasting lifespan, it takes away the needs for replacement bulbs. It also uses very less energy making it cost efficient in terms of resources. On top of that, its red and blue spectrum allows your plants to absorb the light just like of the sun in only a single panel.

With this being said, T5 Grow lights are the opposite. It is economical and ideal for beginning cannabis growers.  It is best used for sprouting seeds and beginning growing your cannabis.  The only drawback of T5 is that it is not best to be used during the flowering stage since you will need blue and red light bulbs to ensure a good harvest.

HID lamps though, like high-pressure sodium light have been the traditional tool for indoor cannabis growers. They are generally expensive in terms of energy consumption, and they also produce excess heat. With this, you will need to install additional air condition which means additional cost.

Question: What is a Ballast?

Answer: As ballast is a part of a light fixture that holds the fluorescent bulbs. HPS and T5 light bulbs draw a lot of energy all at the same time, and the ballast prevents them from burning out. It lessens that heat that bulbs produce which in turn beneficial to the plants underneath.

Question: Are T5 Lamps he same with CFL?

Answer: T5 grow lamps are pre-installed with a reflector allowing it to send out light evenly to the underneath plans. On the contrary, you will need to rig reflectors to CFL bulbs to produce as much light as possible. CFLs are generally made for lighting spaces for humans not for plants.  Not to mention that many CFL lamps tend to generate too much excess heat that can burn your plants.

T5 Grow Light Lamp Tips

You would want to check these tips on using T5 lamps. Make sure to read them carefully as you don’t want to start using them without knowing its pros and cons.

  • Before you buy a T5 grow light fixture, make sure that you know long the power cord is. Consider the size of your indoor garden, too. You do not want to install new wall sockets just because your fixture’s power cord is very short.
  • Ask yourself how you will install the fixture above your plants. Is it vertically or horizontally?
  • What is its weight? Make sure that your garden can support the weight of the fixture.
  • How much energy does it consume? Is using LED will really save you money over a T5 lamp?

We sure hope that this helped you sort out the things that you need for growing cannabis indoors.

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