This is a review of the Advanced Platinum Series P300, is a solid grow light that serves as a great energy saver. This new Platinum LED grow lights use 300W output Led with a size that is small enough, so it fits right inside a cupboard. It boasts an amazing range of specs and features you can take advantage when experimenting and doing small projects.

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Product Features

The P300 grow lights feature 300W 100 individual LED lights capable of providing thrice the PAR light intensity compared to most LEDs available in the market today. The grow lights also feature a 90-degree lens that has a two-phase switcher. This lens allows you to use the lights in ensuring your plant thrives.

The grow lights emit a purple light band during the veg stage. The light band was meant for the leaf, which from purple then switches to pink to offer maximum bud growth.  P300 is noted for being a great energy saver, and it is thanks to its power that can produce light as if it’s a 400W HPS grow light although it only consumes 180 watts.

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When both switches are flicked, P300 offers you a light source that is 100% usable.  Additionally, this light is rich in infrared and UV. Another amazing feature of P300 is its built-in cooling system. This provides your plants with protection but without being hassled by a separate ventilation system. With a lifespan of 100,000 hours, 5-years warranty and quiet operation, P300 is a reliable grow light.

Light Output

One of the biggest and most important features of the Platinum P300 is its excellent spectral output. It produces infrared and ultraviolet light, which are essential for a plant to grow healthily and vigorously. The P300 grow light combines 12 different bands that provide an effective and complete spectral output.

This grow light can give a superb blend of spectral light, which helps your plants to grow healthier and stronger. Additionally, it helps your plants to have better appearance, flavor, and smell among many other benefits. P300 features an advanced light system entirely focused on your plants’ growth, ensuring no resource is wasted.

Light Coverage

In terms of coverage, it is difficult to measure although P300’s specs state it can cover a 6×4 foot area. It’s more about how many plants you are planning to grow, which also depends on the plant sizes that vary due to several factors. But for something small, P300 offers you plenty coverage.

It is capable of covering around 17 square foot during the veg stage. On the other hand, the bloom stage reduces its coverage since you will need to concentrate the light for healthy production of buds. P300 can ideally cover around 3×2 foot by this stage.


Whether you are planning to use a grow light for an experiment or for a small project, it’s important to consider how long you will be using the light so you can choose the appropriate one. On that note, the   P300 grow lights are a state-of-the-art product that provides consistent performance. Users of P300 noted how it helped them maximize yield thus proving it is a valuable investment.

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  • The LED lights provide enough power for improved growth of almost any kind of flower or vegetable.
  • It offers amazing spectral output that helps you grow healthy and beautiful flowers and veggies.
  • It’s superb lighting that serves perfectly for experimenting or doing smaller projects.
  • Its fans are super quiet and run smoothly, which makes it the perfect grow lights for small indoor gardens.
  • The lighting’s system shows excellent quality and efficiency, which is superior to its competitor growing lights.
  • It offers good coverage and great value for money being able to give you big electric bill savings.


  • It can be hard to fit in relatively smaller places, especially since its focused lenses can be dangerous to plants putting young plants at risk of growing prematurely.
  • As an advanced product in the series, it is fairly expensive that others consider not buying it.

Final Thoughts

There are many things to like about the P300 that it is not surprising it is one of the favorites of amateur growers. The PlatinumLED is unsurprisingly one of the best providers as they always offer quality products at reasonable price with features and specifications you would love. This is what the P300 offers any users who will use it for their small gardens or in experiments.

For a small model, it’s highly efficient and doesn’t compromise on features. The only thing you will feel bumped about P300 is it doesn’t really fit in small spaces due to the light intensity. It isn’t a huge problem to most plant growers, but to some, it’s a shame. Still, one cannot deny that the Advanced Platinum Series is superb grow lights that are worth your investment.

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