Selecting the best grow light for your plants could be a hassle if you don’t know the right features of the product that you are looking. It can cause you to lose money and even waste time if the product you bought doesn’t suit your preference so it would be best to take a look at the California lightworks 440 review and find out if this is the best product for you.


  • Efficient Specs

The product gives the budding process a fast phase due to the fluorescent UVB bulbs that give off LED grow lights perfect for the easy and sure growth of the plant. It enhances the bud production giving you satisfaction as you watch your plants grow. Aside from it, you have an easy switch that is easy to operate and offers an effective switch phase procedure.

  • High Plant Coverage

You will be glad to know that this device covers 36 plants before they start to bloom. It gives the plant a six by 6-foot advantage as you wait for it to blossom. However, the coverage would lessen as the plant starts with its blooming stage, so you have a sure way of preserving energy. If you plan to plant 36 more plants in the following months, it would be easy for you take the lead in the planning process due to the high coverage feature it has to offer.

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  • Highly Efficient

The California lightworks 440 is energy efficient, so you don’t have problems in monitoring the growth of your plant. Using the phase switches, you are free to reduce the energy consumption during the diverse stages of growth. During the final stages, you can use the UV-B together with the bloom mode so that it will be more effective for the plant’s blooming process.

  • Versatility Advantage

Users would enjoy the product because they can use it in the different stages of growing the plant. It offers a steady function to ensure the veg and bloom stages are on the right track each time your plant arrives on that stage. The light technology is also effective by giving the plant growth a success, so you have satisfaction in the end.

  • Great Product Value

Purchasing the California lightworks 440 is worthy of investment due to the excellent performance it has and the capability to aid you when it comes to plant’s growth. The result of the growth process is enough reason for you to purchase this. Furthermore, the energy consumption is high to give you extra credits in making an edge on your plant growth.

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  • The fluorescent UV-B bulbs give you an advantage in ensuring fast and secure the plant’s growth process. It allows you to monitor the budding and blooming process due to the LED lights that give sufficient light to the plants. Hence, you expect a successful procedure of giving your plant an extra light during the winter season.
  • The phase switch offers you the right and easy function to ensure an effective bud formation during the first stage growth of the plant so you can expect good results.
  • The operation procedures are easy to handle and offer a good approach to maximize the growth of young plants and to give it the light it fully needs.
  • It makes a good investment for your money, so there is no need to worry if you plan on purchasing it. Furthermore, any user would be happy to use it not only because of its functions but also for the quality it offers.
  • The user-friendly design is perfect for any home user or buyer who aims to be successful in plant growing. It gives you ease and comfort to have an advantage in the planning phase and to assure you get the benefits when the plant is ready for harvest.


  • Some LED products are not that sufficient for the job compared to other LED products, so some of the users have doubts about making a purchase right away.
  • The stages of plant growth have gaps, so you have to wait until the coverage feature takes effect.
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The California lightworks 440 is perfect for the excellent growth of your plant due to the easy-to-operate feature it has. The value is great, and each buyer is sure to have a worthy purchase. The LED light and the bulb offers comfort in growing your plants and serves as your aid in taking care of your young plants. The coverage is also something you can’t miss together with the two-phase switch and the lighting effect of the LED light, so there is a worthy purchase for you.

It would be worth to try the results of the features that give you a boost in giving light to your plant and the right lighting process. So, make a choice and make the right purchase now!

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