The strong smell of weed can potentially attract unwanted attention. Concealing the scent of weed can be necessary to avoid the social or legal consequences of growing cannabis at home. There are ways to suppress the odor of cannabis. One of these is to use carbon filters. However, it’s not a fool-proof way of hiding the fact that you are growing weed. It’s also a good idea to vent the filtered, exhausted air away from your neighbors. There are strains with low odor.

You will get used to the smell of cannabis that you may not notice it on your hair or clothes. It is important to take regular precautions in order to keep the whole entire house clean and fresh. The grow room should be kept well-ventilated as well. Masking the smell of marijuana with another odor runs the risk of only creating two different scents on top of each other.

Choosing to grow strains that are naturally less pungent is one of the best ways to avoid the problem. You will find different varieties that don’t have a strong smell, but you should keep in mind that they will still produce some odor. The effects of such strains won’t be any weaker. These strains will only attract less attention and suspicion while growing. Here are some strains that produce low odor.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights Strain

This strain is ideal for beginners. It has a spicy, earthy odor with fruity undertones when smoked. The smell of Northern Lights is more generic as it grows. When grown discreetly, you will get sticky, resinous buds. Its flowering time is 7 to 8 weeks and harvest time is late September.  When grown indoors, it can grow up to 100 to160 cm in height. The THC content of the strain is approximately 18%. It provides powerful indica effects that relax the body. This strain also makes an excellent mother plant. It allows you to continue low odor cultivation.

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Royal Jack Automatic

Royal Jack Automatic Strain

Royal Jack Automatic is an auto-flowering strain with a sugary, fruity scent. Its odor is bordering on caramel, but it is subtle. Royal Jack Auto’s flowering time is 6 to 7 weeks. It can be harvested within 70 days. The smell of the strain is not very strong. It provides an uplifting body high once ingested. The strain’s THC strength is approximately 16%. Its CBD level is low.

Royal Creamatic

Royal Creamatic Strain

Royal Creamatic is an all-around strain for indoor growers due to its discreet odor and compact nature. It has White Rhino genetics and a sweet aroma that will delight the senses when smoked. Royal Creamatic can be harvested within 8 weeks. Its flowering time is 6 to 7 weeks. The strain’s THC strength is approximately 15%. When grown indoors with the right nutrients and care, you will get 400 to 450 grams of weed per square meter. When grown outdoors, you will get 115 to 165 grams per plant. This strain provides a relaxing effect.

Blue Mystic

Blue Mystic Strain

Blue Mystic is an earthy strain with a fruity berry odor with hints of lavender, which is an excellent accompaniment to its mighty indica high. It’s most likely a hybrid of Blueberry genetics and Northern Lights. Blue Mystic contains the terpenes and flavonoids of Blueberry. The strain’s fruity flavors will also mask the odor of classic cannabis. Its flowering time is 8 to 9 weeks. When grown indoors, it can grow up to 60 to 100 cm in height. The strain’s THC strength is approximately 18%. When grown outdoors, the plant can grow up to 180 to 220 cm in height. Harvest time is around October.

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Quick One

Quick One Strain

Quick One has a fruity scent and quick flowering time. The plant’s ruderalis genetics keeps it short, manageable and discreet. It can be harvested within 6 to 7 weeks. Quick One is also resilient and provides a comforting indica buzz. It can withstand colder climates.

Master Kush

Master Kush Strain

Master Kush has a subtle earthy, citrus aroma with a hint of incense. Its taste is reminiscent of the famous hard-rubbed charas hash. Master Kush provides full-body relaxation once ingested without the mind-numbing effect that a lot of indica strains produce. This strain improves sensory awareness.



This is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that smells like its namesake. Papaya provides mental calmness, and many people say that it also makes them productive and energetic. The taste of the strain is similar to papaya, but it also has a zesty, peppery flavor. The plant produces many fluffy buds with orange hairs.

African Free

African free is a hybrid strain that can be grown indoors or outdoors. It has a Christmas tree shape and heavy and compact buds. The strain has a decent yield but can produce more if exposed to the right light and dark cycle. It produces green colored buds with brown or golden hairs topped with lots of small THC crystals. The buds have a sugary fruity scent that produces a great sativa high when smoked. Users will feel a euphoric feeling.

Kali Mist


This strain is a lightweight sativa that provides energetic effects. It’s an ideal option for those who want to maintain productivity and focus throughout the day.

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