There are many times when a weed lover finds himself helpless even when he has found some excellent quality weed to smoke or vape. This is because he finds that he has no weed grinder to turn his weed into a fine powder. If this is the case with you, do not worry. There are many easy and simple ways to grind your weed into a smooth powder without taking help of a grinder.

Use Your Hands

In old time when there was no grinder around, people used their hands to crush the weed. You can do the same today by making a bowl with your one hand and using the fingers of the other hand to break the leaves apart. The only downside of this method is that you will create resin out of the cannabis flowers in your hands. This resin results from THC that is found inside trichomes of the weed bud. Do no throw away this resin as you can use it to get some kick in a bong or a joint. Just use your keys or a credit card to scrape the resin off your hands. You will be surprised to know that rolling weed buds in hands to generate resin for smoking hash has been in vogue for centuries.  However, if you do not like the idea of feeling the resin in your hands, you can always place a piece of parchment paper in your hands before starting to roll the weed buds.  This paper is non-sticky in nature and it will keep resin away from your hands.

Use shot glass and scissors

All you need to grind weed without a grinder is a shot glass and a pair of scissors. Break the weed bud with your hands and place it inside the glass. Now grab the scissors upside down and start picking at the bud inside the glass without taking the scissors out of the glass. You can easily chop down the weed bud with scissors in just a few minutes using this method. Make sure that you find a small and wide glass to keep the bud confined in a small area as your scissors keep chopping it in quick motion. Shot glass is not a must as you can use any other glass at home provided it is small and wide. Just keep an eye on the bud and try to prevent some pieces from flying out of the glass as you chop the bud with the scissors.

Chop it like a vegetable

If you know how to chop vegetables on a chopping board with a knife, you can use the same method to turn your weed into powder if there is no grinder around. Place weed buds on the chopping board and chop them down with a sharp knife. Of course, you need to be patient and also need chopping skills but you can produce a fine powder out of your weed in just a few minutes using this method.

While it sounds a little over-the-top, this is a really popular way of grinding weed if you don’t have a grinder. Simply place your buds on a clean chopping board and use a sharp knife to finely chop them up. Just remember to not use the knife that has been used to cut onions or garlic as their odour will ruin the taste and aroma of your weed.

Pill bottle and a coin

You can use a pill bottle or any other container with a lid and a coin to make powder out of your weed buds. Place the bud and a dime or a quarter inside the bottle. Close the lid and start shaking the bottle vigorously. Open and check the weed after a few seconds. If you want a fine powder, you may have to shake the bottle for a longer time.

This method basically builds on the last but uses a coin (or a similar object, like a key) to help break apart tougher buds. Just like before, throw your weed in a sturdy container and throw in a coin (or a few), seal the lid, and start shaking. The coin inside the plastic bottle will bash the weed and crush it into really fine pieces. Just make sure you do not try this trick with a plastic bag as it will burst and your weed will spill everywhere.

Coffee grinder can help

A coffee grinder can be used to grind your weed provided it is in large quantity. Just place your weed in the jar of the grinder and push the button like you do to grind your coffee beans. Do not forget to clean the jar and dry it before grinding your weed in a coffee grinder. If you find some resin built up inside the grinder after grinding your weed, scrape it out of the jar using your keys or a credit card to use it for smoking your bong.

Using pestle and mortar

This is another wonderful way to grind weed when you do not have a grinder around you. Pestle and mortar are found inside kitchens and use to grind small spices like cloves and cardamoms. Break weed buds apart into pieces and crush them with pestle after placing them in the mortar. You can check the consistency of the powder to stop at the right time. Make sure your weed does not spill out of the mortar when using this method to grind it. Do not forget to wash the mortar and the pestle before grinding your weed in this manner as you can contaminate the weed.

Use a Grater

Your kitchen must have a grater or micro planes that are used for grating spices and vegetables. You can use this simple machine to grind your weed manually. You have to hold the weed bud in your hand and move it in a straight line back and forth after pressing it against the edge of the grater. Just make sure that you do not hurt yourself in the process. Also, remember to wash and dry the grater if it is used to grate aromatic spices like ginger in your kitchen. The consistency of your weed will depend upon the size of the holes in the grater when using this method. You cannot expect a very fine powder of weed by using a grater.

Grinding with a blender

If you do not find a grinder at home but get a blender, you can use it effectively to turn your weed into powder. This method is more suitable for grinding large qualities of weed. All you need to do is to load your buds into the jar of the blender and start the blender. Your blender has pretty sharp blades to chop the weed buds into fine powder in just a few seconds.

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